Aydın Buğra İlter Egeli Shared the Future Vision of Young Business People

important economic and social evaluations at the egifed general assembly
important economic and social evaluations at the egifed general assembly

Aegean Young Businessmen's Associations Federation – EGIFED, of which 7 associations operating in the Aegean Region is a member and representing one thousand three hundred business people, said to continue with the same president as a result of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting. He assumed the presidency again. In the General Assembly, it was decided to continue working with Temel Aycan Şen, who was the Chairman of the EGIFED Advisory Board. The unity and solidarity of the federation associations, emphasis on the development of cities, economic evaluation, a common future expectation of the business world, and the vision of a developed, fair and environmentally friendly Turkey were highlighted.

The General Assembly of the Aegean Young Businessmen's Associations Federation (EGIFED) was held with wide participation. Aegean Young Businessmen Association (EGİAD), Balıkesir Young Business People Association (BAGİAD), Denizli Young Business People Association (DEGİAD), Manisa Young Businessmen Association (MAGİAD), Akhisar Young Businessmen Association (AKGİAD), Nazilli Young Businessmen Association (NAZGİAD) and Bandırma Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Association (BANGGİAD) presidents and delegates participated.

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The meeting was held at the same time as EGIFED Chairman Aydın Buğra İlter, EGIFED Advisory Board Chairman Temel Aycan Şen, TÜGİK Board Member İsmail Çoban, EGEV Board Chairman Mehmet Ali Susam and İZTO Board Chairman at the same time. EGİAD It started with the opening speeches of Mahmut Özgener, Chairman of the Advisory Board. Konda Research and Consultancy Inc. In the event, in which General Manager Bekir Ağırdır also took part, after the EGIFED General Assembly, the Trade Bridge was realized with the participation of the federation associations.

Speaking at the meeting, EGIFED Chairman Aydın Buğra İlterİlter, who stated that they work as a large platform with 7 associations and more than 1300 members and representatives from every sector, believes in the power of independent and voluntary civil society, understands the importance of being organized, is concerned about the problems of the region and country, and is a solution rather than problems. Expressing that they are together as business people trying to be a part of it, he said, “As an institution that combines the energy of each association in its own city and aims to create a synergy across the region, we continue to work for EGIFED to work more effectively and to develop the union of forces formed by its member associations. Our federation plays an important role in order to increase cooperation and solidarity between associations, to establish unity and to experience its power.”

Emphasis on the Development of Cities

Drawing attention to the importance of cities and the power created by their development, Aydın Buğra İlter said, “Global cities and regions are at the forefront. The 21st century, also called the Urban Age, is in many ways becoming the world of cities. Cities and regions, the economic, political and social dynamics they create around them, and the values ​​that emerge can come to a position to change the destiny of a country. The development of cities will give a positive impetus to the development of primarily the regions within its sphere of influence and subsequently to the development of our country. The higher the added value our cities and our region create, the more our country benefits from it. The added value we will create will be the cornerstones of eliminating income inequality between regions, inclusive economic growth and sustainable development. The cities within our federation also have a high synergy and competitive power with their economic production areas, different specializations, economic activities that complement each other, and their social and demographic structures. Associations and our association members also support this power with their individual and institutional relations.

Economic Evaluation

İlter, who also made an economic evaluation; Noting that the spiral of inflation, interest and exchange rates has put the entire business world under pressure,We find it difficult to concentrate on reducing risks rather than reducing interest rates.. An increase in the exchange rate increases production costs. Many companies have difficulties in accessing finance. The increase in raw material and energy prices and the supply shortage are pushing production. We all see that consumption-oriented growth does not lead us to the right point. We need to build not only rapid growth, but also employment, fair and green.. The inequality in income distribution, which is the problem of the whole world, increases its effect in our country as well. The layer we call the middle class is disappearing. As a result of this, unfortunately, people and our youth are about to lose their faith in a good education, hard work, moral and virtue to lead a decent life, maybe not to be rich, but to be able to jump into the upper class. Economies are built on trust, predictability and stability. However, we are aware that development cannot be achieved only through economic activities.

Business Expectations

We Want to Look to a Common Future

Addressing the responsibilities and expectations of business representatives, İlter said: “We, the young representatives of the business world, know that our companies, which we describe as corporate citizens, must not only maximize their profits, but also generate sustainable profits and create social benefits. We try to fulfill our responsibilities towards our employees, suppliers, regions, states, the public, the environment and all our other stakeholders. However, our efforts alone are not enough. We all have a political view, but as the business world, we have supra-political expectations from all political actors, from all segments of society. Everyone needs to put their hat down and think; Our education system needs to be revised in accordance with the competencies and skills of the 21st century, otherwise we will lag behind the race for civilization and prosperity day by day. We cannot build a strong economy without a strong democracy. Indispensable element for our development, institutions and rules therefore not to strong individuals, we need strong institutions. We cannot establish strong institutions unless there is transparency, merit, independence and accountability. Separation of powers, pluralist democracy, establishment of balance and control systems, transparent and accountable public administration, supervisory and regulatory institutions are not things we can say would be possible. In my governance, it's not okay, it is imperative that a culture and climate of consultation be formed, where the opinions of all relevant actors are sought, where local, public, private sector and civil society take decisions together. The rule of law, belief in the legal system and independence of the judiciary are inevitable in every aspect. We see that our problems cannot be solved in a system where there is no balance and control mechanisms, no separation of powers, and the role definitions of the legislature, judiciary and executive are not clear and democratic. We also demand the necessary in different parts. as the whole country we want to be us and look to a common future, democracy that strengthens the will to look at a common life and a common future is not a choice, it is a necessity.. "

Future Vision of the Business World

A Developed, Fair and Environmentally Friendly Turkey

Expressing their desired vision, İlter said, “Our desired Turkey vision has provided a sustainable economic breakthrough in line with the Green Agreement; It has fully built the social, secular and democratic state of law, has built the separation of powers, balance and control mechanisms; Established the full independence of the judiciary; Increased belief in the rule of law; Institutionalized and guaranteed the right to a dignified life; It is a developed, respectable, fair and environmentally friendly Turkey. We will continue to work together for these purposes," he said.

Şen: “We created opportunities for friendship and cooperation across Turkey with IADs”

At the meeting, young businessmen drew attention to the importance of working in Business People's Associations. Temel Aycan Şen, Chairman of the EGIFED Advisory Board“Thanks to my membership in GIADs, which I started with the Aegean Young Businessmen Association in the early 2000s, I met hundreds of people all over Turkey and made dozens of friendships. No financial gain can replace these friendships. During EGIFED, we wanted to convey the expectations and problems of every NGO that is our member to all higher authorities, including the parliament, and to be with every useful work done for our region, and we succeeded. I am sure that the new management will represent the young business world in the best way, by carrying out very successful works, and will reflect the dynamism and different perspective of the youth.”

İsmail Çoban, member of the TÜGİK Board of Directors Stating that EGIFED is the most interconnected institution among the federations, he stated the importance of federation by saying “Hug each other, hug EGIFED”.

Mehmet Ali Susam, Chairman of the Board of EGEVand introduced EGEV. Drawing attention to the importance of local development and planning from the local level, he mentioned the importance of Development Agencies and said, “I would like to introduce EGEV to you and underline the point of owning the forum we will hold on November 8th. On this occasion, I invite all EGIFED member associations to EGEV. You are also creating the future of EGEV. You know the problems and solutions in Turkey. You are here as the superior elements of development, both locally and in general. Young people are close to changing the future of the country. We have the power to overcome many problems that seem like nightmares. We have been working together again at EGEV since 2017. We will once again underline with international participants why we should protect global warming, climate crisis, water and soil.”

Özgener's Emphasis on Youth and Digitalization

IZTO Chairman of the Board is also EGİAD Mahmut Özgener, Chairman of the Advisory Board On the other hand, he stated that the projects carried out with the common will of the institutions and organizations from Izmir have come a long way as a result of the common mind, and said, “We can also carry out joint projects between the cities of the Aegean Region. The agricultural, tourism, technology, industry and trade potential of our Aegean Region is very high. We live in the land where the first money was used in history, and we grow the world's best products such as grapes, figs, olive oil and tobacco. We need to evaluate this wealth and transform it as a surplus value into the economies of our cities.”

Expressing that we are going through a period where the dynamism and ideas of the youth are needed more than ever, Özgener said, “Our world is going through a transformation process focused on digitalization and adaptation to climate change in many areas. We are leaving the old world's business models behind with increasing speed. Digitalization was at the top of our agenda by starting the information age. Today, it is taking the place of the old at a speed triggered by the pandemic process. The effective administration of the vaccine allowed us to return to our normal pace. The factor that reduced our job losses the most in both the pre-vaccine and post-vaccination period was digital opportunities. Young minds will keep up with change and develop new visions faster and more effectively than older generations. New generations meet new technologies early. In addition, they are growing up with a much more sensitive approach to environmental issues than in the past. These are great advantages for managing a healthy transformation process at the point our world has reached. In this process, you, our young business people, have important duties to direct our economy, trade and social life.”

Bekir Ağırdır: “We are in the eye of the hurricane now”

Konda Research and Consultancy Inc. General Manager Bekir Ağırdırise stated that it is not correct to connect the processes experienced by taking the country only to the pandemic. Stating that the fight for global transformation has intensified, Ağırdır said, “We are all struggling with the evil called pandemic. We are busy prophesying what will happen after the pandemic. I want to give good news about this. We are now in the eye of the hurricane. Since 2014, I have been telling business people that a hurricane is coming. Now that we are in the eye of that hurricane, it's time to think about where and how to get out. American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross has a theory of 5 stages of grief. When we think about what the human mind is doing or exceeding, first you deny it, then the anger stage comes and then you start bargaining. I've become the people of Turkey and the rulers, and we're stuck at the bargaining stage. 50 years ago, we were discussing secularism, the constitution, religiosity and the Kurdish issue. All of these issues have become a brand. Today we realize that we have to accept the truth. After that, we started to think about how we would live. How many years we will get out of here depends on our own problem-solving skills. Socially, we live in a state that has lost its sense. There is enthusiasm and effort in Turkish society. But we need visions of where we want to go. We are all talking about the same people. When we look at what has changed in the values ​​of the people of Turkey for about 10 years, there is a great polarization. We need to argue and negotiate. If the people of Turkey are talking about their individual problems, everyone solves their personal problems in some way, but they cannot solve the common problems. The people of Turkey are very diligent about the individual and are cautious about being citizens. Our life is based on uncertainty and complexity. Because it is a life that does not work only with the decisions of your single power and the dominant power. We are looking for economic institutions and rules that can adapt to this. Stop making plans and budgets. Move to the production model with scenarios. Your greatest skill is that you were born into an uncertain life. We need a new story. The feeding vessels of politics are closed. They do not feed on new knowledge. No party has a climate change folder at its headquarters. It has nothing to do with new information. You need to get into politics. We will produce compromises with needs and demands upon negotiation to renew politics and culture. We cannot overcome these problems without changing the political culture of Turkey and ensuring freedom, justice and equality. Now that we are in the eye of the hurricane, we need to talk about the exit,” he said.

Ağırdır defined the 'Turkey in our Dreams' with the following items;

  • It has started an economic breakthrough compatible with the earth and green transformation;
  • Rebuilt the social, secular and democratic state of law;
  • It has put the separation of powers, balance and control mechanisms into place,
  • Established the full independence of the judiciary;
  • He made the new and civil constitution of the new period with social and political compromises;
  • became a full member of the European Union;
  • It has increased the belief in the rule of law, the will to live together, and a strong social transformation with social well-being;
  • Developed policies sensitive to gender equality, provided a social consensus and a community-state consensus where the welfare and peace of the society is essential without discrimination, marginalization and polarization;
  • Institutionalized and guaranteed the right to a dignified life;
  • Became one of the global pioneers of policies to combat injustice and poverty; is a Turkey.
  • Our aim in the business world, with the institutionalization of our state institutions from the perspective of our dream Turkey, is to make companies and NGOs a good 'Corporate Citizen' for our country.

After Ağırdır's speech, the General Assembly was held. Aydın Buğra İlter will continue as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the new term in the general assembly attended with a single list.

After the General Assembly, the Trade Bridge, which was realized as a quick introduction to the business world, was started.

Aegean Businessmen Gathered at the Trade Bridge

Trade Bridge, which was held this year with the organization of EGIFED, once again set an example for the business world. Participation in the event, which was created to establish and expand business networks, was high. The Aegean Young Businessmen Association affiliated to EGIFED (EGİAD), Balıkesir Young Business People Association (BAGİAD), Denizli Young Business People Association (DEGİAD), Manisa Young Businessmen Association (MAGİAD), Akhisar Young Businessmen Association (AKGİAD), Nazilli Young Businessmen Association (NAZGİAD) and Bandırma Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Association (BANGGİAD) business people participated. Young business people aiming to meet the right practices in business networking and to implement these practices had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their companies at the EGIFED Trade Bridge event. Nearly 100 business world representatives participated in the organization. Thanks to the organization, also known as "Quick Dating", which was held under the title of "EGIFED Trade Bridge" in order to establish and expand the Business Networks, one of the most basic expectations of the business world, the ground was created for many business connections and partnerships. In the said organization, which will increase the revival in the Aegean business world, important foundations were laid for the development of trade and investment relations between EGIFED member Aegean business people. Organization inauguration EGİAD General Secretary Prof. Dr. Fatih Dalkilic did it. Explaining the details of the event, Dalkılıç pointed out that there is a process where competition and business models change rapidly, new and innovative systems carry business life to different dimensions day by day, expressing that the best way to evaluate this process is networking, "Social networks are mostly transferred to digital environment. The power and impact of face-to-face, direct communication is still very important today. Today, it is not possible for an entrepreneur and an investor without a good network to survive in business life. Social capital is one of the indispensable criteria for a communicator when starting a business life.”

What is the Trade Bridge?

In the event organized, it was aimed that the participants could meet each other professionally in a limited time by changing places at the same time at intervals of a few minutes. In the interviews, which are defined as elevator speech, the most important points about the company were explained. With this application, which is based on the principle of being able to explain one's own business in a very short time and asking the right questions to the other party, it is aimed to increase the cooperation of business members among themselves.

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