Attention to the Recently Increased Risk of Bloody Diarrhea!

attention to the increased risk of bloody diarrhea recently
attention to the increased risk of bloody diarrhea recently

There has been an increase in cases of bloody diarrhea in the last few weeks. Especially in Istanbul, applications to the hospital are increasing due to bloody diarrhea. It is important to apply to a health institution without wasting time, as it can cause serious tables by causing high fluid loss in a much shorter time compared to normal diarrhea epidemics. Stating that the most important causes of the epidemic may be the consumption of foods that are not sure of their cleanliness, making unconscious choices when ordering food and beverage from outside, and not paying attention to the transport-storage hygiene with the time spent in the transportation of these foods, Uz from Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Internal Diseases Department. Dr. Aslan Çelebi gave information about bloody diarrhea treatment and prevention recommendations.

It can lead to low blood pressure, hypovolemic shock or impaired kidney function.

In the last 15 days, diarrhea with blood, mucus, and fever, which causes sudden low blood pressure and excessive fluid loss in adults, has been observed in the last XNUMX days. Previously, we used to tell our patients to be careful in normal summer diarrhea, that this may be caused by food and that if it does not go away with rest at home for a few days, they may go to the hospital. However, new cases of diarrhea can become serious in adults by causing fluid loss in a very short time. Therefore, it is important to apply to the hospital as soon as possible.

Although these diarrheas encountered in recent days are not treated as usual in the past, they are not like diarrhea cases that go away on their own. Unless an antibiotic or a medical intervention to replace the lost fluid loss is performed, it continues for days without passing. If fluid loss continues; Patients are admitted to the hospital with more severe conditions such as low blood pressure, hypovolemic shock in which the normal metabolism of cells and tissues is impaired, or deterioration of kidney functions.

Hot weather and unhygienic food consumption can be effective

The cause of the increased bloody diarrhea epidemic in recent days is not yet known. However, it is thought that the increase in outdoor eating and drinking activities together with the weather temperature and the pandemic is a factor in this.

Not related to vaccines or coronavirus, but caused by bacteria

Due to the pandemic, diarrhea patients most often apply to hospitals with the fear that it may be caused by the coronavirus or vaccine, but any relevance to the vaccine has not been shown in the studies so far. However, bloody diarrhea is a bacterial condition, not a viral one. So it has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Antibiotics and serum therapy may be required.

When patients apply to the hospital, stool and blood tests are performed at the first stage. Some patients are started on antibiotic therapy. Serum therapy is given to patients with severe fluid loss.

Consider these suggestions to protect yourself from the epidemic!

Hygiene rules must be observed very carefully. Because diarrhea is a fecal (fecal) and oral (oral) disease transmitted disease. If possible, the separation of the toilet and sink is very important. If it is not possible, washbasins and toilet bowls should be cleaned with bleach after each use.

Towels should be kept strictly separate from other household residents or, if possible, disposable towels should be used.

If there is diarrhea, you should definitely go to the hospital as soon as possible.

In the nutrition plan, foods such as boiled potatoes and bananas can be given weight, provided that it is not excessive.

Be very careful when eating out. It is important to eat from safe places in terms of hygiene.

Attention should be paid to drinking water. For the water taken from outside, closed waters whose quality is trusted should be preferred.

Ice should not be used in drinks consumed outside. Because in some restaurants, ice can be prepared with tap water. These are effective in the further spread of various bacterial epidemics such as diarrhea.

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