ASPİLSAN Energy III. Attended Military Radar and Border Security Summit

aspilsan energy iii attended the military radar and border security summit
aspilsan energy iii attended the military radar and border security summit

With the support of ASPİLSAN Energy, Presidency of Defense Industry, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of National Defense, the "III. Participated in the “Military Radar and Border Security Summit”.

III, in which many topics from land, sea and air border security to irregular migration were discussed by experts in their fields. At the Military Radar and Border Security Summit, the most up-to-date solutions in military radar technologies and new projects in the field of border security were introduced at the stands in the fair area.

III, which lasted two days. Making a statement regarding the Military Radar and Border Security Summit, ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy said: “At the International Military Radar and Border Security Summit, the representatives of the defense industry sector came together with the active participation of the force commands. In addition, domestic producers had the opportunity to meet and meet with the officials of foreign companies.

As ASPİLSAN Energy, we had the opportunity to introduce our solutions to our stakeholders at this summit, where border security and radar systems, which have a very strategic importance for the future of the Defense Industry, were discussed. In addition, in the “Terror and Border Security Session”, we conveyed our products that we developed on this subject to the participants who came to the summit.

The need for security systems on our borders has increased, especially as a result of the recent wars and the events in our neighboring countries. Among the indispensable elements of defense, we can say that surveillance and early warning systems are indispensable. As ASPİLSAN Energy, we offer our battery solutions that we have developed with innovative approaches for the uninterrupted operation of border security systems to the service of our country.

I would like to underline that, as ASPİLSAN Energy, we have developed solutions for every energy need of the defense industry with goals that are growing day by day in order to reduce foreign dependency.”

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