Ankara Gets New Buses After Years

Ankara Gets New Buses After Years
Ankara Gets New Buses After Years

Emphasizing that the last bus purchase in the capital was in 2013 and that the existing buses serving are twice as old as the rest of the world, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made his first loan use for bus purchases 2,5 years after he took office. The loan obtained from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the external financing of 57 million Euros has the most suitable maturity in terms of interest rate in market conditions. 2 percent of the loan, which has a 10-year grace period and a maturity of 10 years, will be used in the first place.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who has not used a loan of 1 cent since the day he took office, took action in Ankara, where the last purchase was made in 2013, due to the increasing population and aging buses.

“One of the most important jobs of the municipality is transportation. These were things that should have been done years ago, they weren't done,” said Yavaş's persistent struggle in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, and the loan for the purchase of a new bus to Başkent was approved. EGO General Directorate used the first part of the loan with the most suitable interest and maturity rate in market conditions.

Announcing on his social media accounts that the first loan was used for the purchase of the bus that Başkent needs, Yavaş said, “With the first loan we used during our 2,5-year tenure, we are adding 301 new buses to our fleet. We would like you to know that as the municipality with the highest credibility, we have obtained the most appropriate loan, 10% of which will be used in the first place, in accordance with our transparency principle.


The Metropolitan Municipality will use the cheap foreign loan obtained from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with a 57-year grace period and a 2-year maturity for its external financing needs of 10 million Euros.

According to the data of the EGO General Directorate; While the population of Ankara was 2013 million 5 thousand 45 in 83, when the last bus was purchased for public transportation in Ankara, it was determined that the number of buses was 1941. It was determined that the number of buses in the fleet decreased to 5, with the population of Ankara reaching 639 million 76 thousand 1547 people. Statistical documents also pointed out that while the capital city's population increased by 12 percent, the number of available buses decreased by 21 percent.

While it is foreseen that 1999 buses of 95 model in the bus fleet will complete their economic life and be scrapped in the near future, after the negotiations with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 90 buses, 282% of which are natural gas (CNG), were purchased in a short time (254 CNG, 28 diesel) and 2 Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Stations.


54,8% of the total loan, which is the first tranche of the 10 million Euro loan from the EBRD regarding the bus, was deposited into the bank account of the EGO General Directorate.

EGO General Directorate, which made the first payment to Mercedes Benz Automotive, which won the tender, provided that a competitive price basis in favor of the municipality was created and in addition to the number of 254 vehicles to be purchased, 14 vehicles with CNG, 5 of which were solo and 19 of which were articulated type, were used without any extra payment by using the credit balance. 28 vehicles will be added to the fleet with the addition of 301 buses to be purchased with equity.

With the loan provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the delivery of the first batch of 90 vehicles, 301% of which is natural gas (CNG), will be delivered in November, and the rest by the end of June 2022. The number of vehicles will reach 8.3 in 51 with the addition of 2022 vehicles of 1825 meters in length to be used in ring lines and with high maneuverability on narrow streets and streets.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started the purchase of new buses to provide a more convenient and comfortable transportation to the capital city, also BELKA A.Ş. By the end of 100, it will convert 2022 buses into electric buses by starting the 22% electric bus conversion works produced by the company.

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