ANFA Plant House Opened Its Third Branch in Zafer Park on August 30

anfa plant house opened its third branch in august victory park
anfa plant house opened its third branch in august victory park

Metropolitan Municipality ANFA Plant House, which has been bringing seasonal flowers and plants together with the citizens of the capital city for many years, continues to serve in different parts of the city due to the high demand. ANFA Plant House, which opened its third branch in Zafer Park on August 30 after Altınpark and Mogan Park, offers colorful and seasonal flowers from coffee flower to jasmine flower, from violet to cactus, from chrysanthemum to money flower.

ANFA Plant House of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, located in Altınpark and Mogan Park, expanded its service area and opened its third branch in 30 August Zafer Park.

ANFA Plant House, which continues to bring together beautiful seasonal flower and plant varieties that will adorn indoor and outdoor spaces, with the citizens of the Capital at affordable prices, started to serve in its new branch opened in Zafer Park on August 30, upon high demand from the citizens.


ANFA Plant House, which started its service at the address of 30 August Park entrance, 17. Sokak Söğütözü Çankaya, will be open 7 days a week between 08.00-18.00.

In the Plant House, which received full marks from the citizens who had a pleasant time in the park; Colorful flowers from coffee flowers to jasmine flowers, from violets to cactus, from chrysanthemums to money flowers are offered for sale.

A citizen named Meral Kuş, who stated that ANFA Plant House attracted attention due to its variety of flowers and plants, said that she liked the new branch very much, “It is really beautiful, it was amazing, I loved it. Thank you for posting here. I bought it right away because it was the season of chrysanthemums”, while another citizen named Esra Şahin said, “It is a very well thought out place that I often come to for a walk. My friends and I were very happy with the opening of the Plant House. Everyone who loves flowers should come.”

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