New Coronavirus Precautions Announced for Those Who Want to Travel to the USA

New coronavirus precautions announced for those who want to travel to the USA
New coronavirus precautions announced for those who want to travel to the USA

In the USA, which is preparing to open its borders to foreign tourists next month, new coronavirus measures have been announced. Accordingly, all tourists will be accepted, provided that they have had the coronavirus vaccine.

The White House is preparing to lift restrictions on foreign flights for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began in 2020. The US, which plans to open its borders next month, has announced that it will accept all foreign tourists back to the country on the condition that they have had the coronavirus vaccine.

Former US President Donald Trump's ban on flights to the USA from Brazil, China, Ireland, Iran, South Africa, India and 26 Shanghai countries in Europe, while in office, expanded the list of banned countries after President Joe Biden, who took office in January 2021. . The flight ban, which covers the UK, India, China and many European countries, is expected to be lifted next month.


Biden, who made a statement yesterday, stated that airline companies should check their coronavirus vaccines before accepting passengers on the plane.

Saying that any coronavirus vaccine will be accepted, Biden also stated that airline companies must accept the data of official sources.

Biden also said, “This is related to travel between the US and other countries, the previous measures taken due to the coronavirus apply. In international flights, the vaccine provides an important security.”


It has been announced that all people, including unvaccinated US citizens, can enter the country with a negative coronavirus test they received one day before boarding the plane, while children under the age of 18 will have to give a negative coronavirus test 3 days before their travel, as there is no vaccination obligation.

The new rules will apply from 8 November.

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