Will the High Speed ​​​​Train Come to Bursa Until 2030?

Will the High Speed ​​​​Train Come to Bursa Until 2030?
Will the High Speed ​​​​Train Come to Bursa Until 2030?

Goal 3 times revised was established… In 2012, when the foundation was laid “Starting passenger transport in 2016” was the target. Then it was 2019, now 2023 target there.

Well, will he come?

if he could come it would be very good of course. But first, A squint at Bursa incomprehensible Ministry of Transportmust want.


In 1991 feasibility studies started As the journalist who wrote the news, we try to follow all the developments. Bursa's high-speed train It does not give hope for the future.

As of today management stability even put forward, it seems unlikely to arrive before 2030. When you say this politician friends they object, but small business indicator let's quote:

2012 kilometers long started in 56 Bursa-Yenisehir The 16-kilometer tunnel construction on the line could not exceed 10 kilometers. 50 kilometers Akdeniz-Osmaneli for 14 kilometers tünel it never started.

If everything goes right that it is possible to advance 2 meters per day in the tunnel Considering this, even if we look optimistically and believe that it will rise to 4 meters a day, the time is not enough.


Up to 2023 Bursa-Yenisehir We also hear the words that the line can be opened, but roller coaster It is obvious that the line that will be like this will not meet the expectations.

Ray a critical aspect the search for foreign credit.

The contractor Kalyon Construction 'first loan found high cost because of Treasure did not approve. Ahead, new foreign creditor the organization looking for credit terms there.

Some of them are:

Resettlement action plan, environmental biodiversity, stakeholder participation, expropriation compensation for lands with the conditions in international legislation. Expropriation Law No. 2942 including the cultural heritage on the project route, how to fill the gaps between Environmental Social effects.


With these conditions no foreign credit For this, we are also willing to 2030.

Even so…

Minister of Transport Adil Karaismalioğlu if he embarrasses to apologize we are ready.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

Günceleme: 31/10/2021 11:17

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