Ukraine Suggests Engines for Altay Tank and Storm Howitzer

Ukraine proposes engine for Altai tank and storm howitzer
Ukraine proposes engine for Altai tank and storm howitzer

Ukraine offers the Kharkiv 2021TD-6 and 2TD-6 engines exhibited at IDEF 4 to Turkey for use in the Altay tank and Storm howitzer.

As reported by Defense Express, Ukraine offers engines to Turkey to be used in the Altay main battle tank and the T-155 Storm howitzer. It is stated that the engines that can be offered by Ukraine are the Kharkiv 6TD-2 and 6TD-4 engines. The engines are produced by the Malyshev Plant, which is part of the Ukrainian state enterprise UkrOboronProm.

According to General Designer Yegor Ovcharov of the Malyshev Plant, the 1200TD-6 engine with a capacity of 2 HP can be used in a new version of the T-155 Storm howitzer developed by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry (MKE). The 17TD-20 engine, which is stated to have been exhibited at the IDEF 2021 fair held between 2021-6 August 2, is currently used in Pakistan's Al-Khalid, Thailand's "Oplot" and Ukraine's T-84 main battle tanks.

General Designer Yegor Ovcharov, in an interview with Turdef at IDEF 2021, stated that the Turkish side has received information about all technical features of the 6TD-4 (1500 HP) engine and is in the process of making a decision for a joint project. The said engine, which was stated to be used in the Altay tank, was not exhibited at the fair. Ovcharov noted in the interview that he did not see any special technical problems with the assembly of the 6TD-4 in Altai.

In the news made by Defense Express, it is stated that the idea of ​​equipping the Altay main battle tank and the T-155 Storm howitzer with Ukrainian engines has been discussed for a long time. It is stated that the main reason for considering Ukrainian engines is the embargo imposed by the manufacturer MTU for German engines planned to be used on both platforms.

In 2018, engines for the T-155 Storm howitzer were ordered from Ukraine. MKEK, which was in talks with the Ukrainian authorities and UkrOboronProm, the umbrella company of the Ukrainian Defense Industry, ordered 20 engines from this country when it received a commitment that "there will be no export restrictions".

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