Capital Farmer Will Close Wheat and Barley Deficit in Turkey This Year

This year, the capital farmer will close the wheat and barley deficit in Turkey.
This year, the capital farmer will close the wheat and barley deficit in Turkey.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to make farmers smile with its rural development support. He is breaking new records with the rural development initiative that Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş started in the Capital by saying "My biggest dream is to make the people of Ankara rich". Wheat and barley seeds have been delivered to 2 farmers to date, with the support of wheat and barley seeds continuing with Polatlı after Şereflikoçhisar, Evren, Haymana and Bala. With the seed support it provides, the Metropolitan Municipality will ensure that 269 thousand acres are planted and approximately 567 thousand tons of imported 400 thousand tons of wheat will be produced in the Capital.

The rural development supports that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş initiated in the capital with the words "My biggest project is to enrich the producers from Ankara" both relieve the economy of the farmers in the Capital city and increase domestic production.

Aiming to revitalize the urban economy and encourage domestic production by strengthening rural development, Yavaş has implemented one of the biggest support packages that put a smile on the faces of the farmers in the Capital. Initiating the largest distribution of wheat and barley seeds in Turkey, Yavaş will bring 25 thousand tons of wheat and barley seeds to a total of 17 thousand 270 farmers in all 12 districts.


While the distribution of barley and wheat seeds, which started in Şereflikoçhisar and Evren districts on October 8, continued with the neighborhoods in Polatlı district after Haymana and Bala, wheat and barley seeds have been delivered to 2 farmers so far.

Saying, “We started the biggest seed distribution program in Turkey in 2021”, Yavaş said in his social media accounts that they will ensure a significant area to be planted and said, “We are bringing together 567 thousand 420 decares of land in Ankara with 12 thousand tons of wheat and barley seeds.” made its assessment.

It is expected that a new production record will be broken thanks to the seeds to be planted on 90 thousand 10 decares of agricultural land with the support of wheat and barley seeds with 567% grant and 420% farmer contribution. With the contribution of the Metropolitan Municipality, approximately 400 thousand tons of the 250 thousand tons of wheat imported by Turkey will be produced by farmers from the capital city this year. Wheat and barley seed support will both decrease and the wheat and barley deficit of not only Başkent, but also Turkey will be closed to a large extent.


While the support of 10 thousand tons of wheat to 911 farmers and 9 tons of barley seeds to 6 farmers continues at full speed, the Rural Services Department teams continue to bring wheat and barley seed support to the farmers of the Capital city by working 359/3 due to the intense interest.

Rural Services Department Head Ahmet Mekin Tüzün shared the following information:

“We are carrying out the biggest seed distribution program of our country. Our farmer has suffered serious damage from both drought and natural disasters this year. In order to maximize production, we provided seed and seedling support throughout the year and provided livestock support. In total, we distribute 12 thousand tons of seeds in 25 districts of Ankara, 10 percent with farmer contribution and 90 percent with metropolitan contribution. Approximately 400 trucks enter Ankara. Our seeds this year are blue and white certified. White certificate means the original stage of the seed. Blue certificate, on the other hand, is the stage that companies use in seed production by contract. This year, we confiscated the white and blue certified products of the companies, so to speak. We also believe that if the conditions go well, the seeds bought by the Metropolitan will add abundance to our producers who will achieve high yields. We will be with our producer from planting to harvest.”


While the Rural Services Department accelerates the neighborhood-by-neighborhood distribution process in all districts, the distribution of wheat and barley will continue until October 27.

Haymana and Bala farmers stated that they were relieved economically thanks to the support provided, and they thanked Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş with the following words:

Emre Aytac: “The situation of the farmers was bad because of the drought. Thanks to the support initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we took a breath.''

Babacan Yildiz: “Farmers are in a very difficult situation this year. These supports, initiated by our President Mansur, are the lifeblood of farmers. I also benefited from the support of alfalfa, chickpea and vetch seeds distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality before.''

Mujahideen Trigger: “We have not received such support from any municipality until now, we are seeing it for the first time from our President Mansur. We are going through very difficult days due to the drought, frankly, wheat and barley seed support has given us relief.”

Celal Yigit: “May Allah be pleased with our President Mansur Yavaş, who did not leave our farmers alone in these difficult days.”

Cinar Dayan: “Our Metropolitan Municipality has never left the farmers alone for once. It was also found in lentil, chickpea, vetch seed support. As Yenice Neighborhood residents, I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş.”

Yusuf Ali: “I benefit greatly from seed support. It has been of great benefit to us. I bought 1 ton of barley right now, no one will give it to anyone. They gave us hope again. It has contributed a lot to our budget.”

Haji Yildiz: “We were very pleased with the seed support. It was a great support to the farmer. There was a drought, so the farmer was relieved.”

Murat Koc: “He was also supportive last year. Our costs are very high. There are many benefits to providing these supports to the farmer. We got it with a 90 percent grant and it contributed a lot to our budget. This support put a smile on the face of the farmers. Today, you can buy seeds for high prices, but giving them with a 90 percent grant is a great support for the farmer. Despite the drought last year, we had good yields.”

Bekir Wave: “I received the seed support given to us and I am very satisfied. I got 800 kilos of seeds. It has been very beneficial to our budget. Everyone in the village was satisfied.”

Abraham Flag: “On behalf of my region, I would like to thank Mansur President very much. I am using seed support for the first time. 90 percent is an important contribution for us. Our productivity was down due to the drought. That's why these supports are very important to us. As a young man, I am engaged in agriculture with my family. It was a good incentive to move us young people forward.”

Vahhab Karakaya: “This is the first time I see such a service. We'll take the seeds and plant them right away. This seed support has given us a beacon of hope. Many villagers desperately needed this seed.”

Hasan Onaran: “The villager says, I bought the seed, now I can get the diesel. If the service comes to the farmer, the farmer is happy. Mansur President really came to the rescue just in time. The timing is perfect. The farmer will buy the seed and plant it and enjoy it next year.”

Karaca Pavement: “This support to the farmer has been very good for us. The weight of 1 kilo of seeds is 5 TL, the prices are very high. This support made us very happy and relieved. I got a little money out of my pocket and bought fertilizer with my extra money. My load has been lightened.”

Ercan Hamdemir: “I have been benefiting from all the supports that have been distributed for 2 years. The output was very good. Our farmers also benefited from many supports. If the seeds were not distributed to the farmers, the farmers would not be able to plant their fields, they would rent them out. Our President Mansur said, 'I will make the people of Ankara rich'. Thanks to our president, he helps the farmer in every way.”

Omer Yildiz: “The municipality gives all kinds of support so that the farmers can develop. It has been very beneficial to my budget. Without this support, the farmer would be devastated. I lived in Europe and I did not see such support there. May Allah be pleased with Mansur President.”


The seed support project, implemented by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to develop local producers, also attracted great interest in Polatlı.

The farmers, who received the barley and wheat seeds distributed by the Rural Services Department teams, expressed the continuation of the rural development support programs with the following words:

Adem Dinc: “We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and our Mayor. He did what the government could not. You see that our people are in such a predicament as here.”

Cetin Töre: “It was done last year as well. They even helped the farmer by taking the remaining onion. We did not expect these studies. Everyone is very satisfied. God bless you. We would like to thank our president for protecting and supporting the nation.”

Mevlut Unal: “What the state did not do, Mansur did the president. You see the crowd. We appreciate. I express my love and gratitude to our President.”

Hakan Gungor: “We would like to thank our President for helping to distribute wheat and barley seeds. He said that he was always with the farmer in these difficult days, he said, 'My farmer will be rich'. Hopefully, thanks to Mansur president, we will win a little more. Our farmers are in trouble. He is constantly trying to help us in agriculture. He passed over the municipality in our eyes. We look forward to continuing such assistance.”

Mustafa Farrier: “As a young farmer, we thank our president. Like Hızır AS, it was a cure for the farmers' problems.”

Nazim Karaoglu: “I am a young farmer and benefited from seed support. It has been a very useful support.”

Kudret Karaoglu: “I have endless respect for our President Mansur. Our farmers are really in trouble. We also serve people, we produce. This support is important to us. We are getting our bread out of the ground.”

Seckin Gursoy: “We are very satisfied with the services. The situation of the farmer is bad these days and we need your support badly. We want this kind of support to continue. Our president supported us while we waited from the government.”

Oguzhan Cevik: “I do farming and animal husbandry in Oğuzlar Mahallesi. I am trying to benefit from the support given to young farmers within the scope of support. Thank you to the Metropolitan Municipality for their support.”

Mahmut Cetin: “Very good application, we are satisfied. We would like to thank our mayor for our support to the villagers.”

Sefa Pekcan: “We are very pleased with the seed support we have received. We are hopeful of what our president will do. There was a hail disaster in our village. There has been a lot of suffering. Good luck to our citizens."

Senol Karagoz: “The land that the peasant planted this year was not productive. I also had 11 tons of seeds. The condition of the peasant was not very good. Thank you very much Mansur. We're so glad."

Ali Keceli: "God bless you. We needed more than enough seeds. Hail hit our village and we were devastated. We are pleased with the support provided, may God bless you.”

Mahmut Altinışık: “I have been a farmer for 30 years. This is the first time in 30 years that such aid has been given. We look forward to the continuation. Let them support our farmers and try to keep them alive. We are trying to make our voices heard.”

Mahmut Altinışık: I have been a farmer for 30 years. This is the first time in 30 years that such aid has been given. We look forward to the continuation. Let them support our farmers and try to keep them alive. We are trying to make our voices heard.

Mehmet Ali Gundogdu: “We would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for the wheat and barley support. These supports have contributed a lot to us economically. While 1 ton of seed wheat was 3-4 thousand TL, we bought it for 500 TL thanks to the support.”

Nihat Sungurlu: “As a farmer, we are very pleased with the support. We have never received such help before. We expect continued support in these economic conditions. God bless you a thousand times."

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