Signed a Vehicle Purchase Agreement for Çiğli Tram Line

for the purchase of izmir buyuksehir electric tram set bozankaya signed a contract with
for the purchase of izmir buyuksehir electric tram set bozankaya signed a contract with

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken another giant step to develop sustainable transportation in the city. For the purchase of the 26-car electric tram set to be used on the tram lines in the city, especially the Çiğli Tram, which is under construction. Bozankaya Inc. A purchase agreement was signed with Speaking at the signing ceremony of the contract worth approximately 750 million liras, the President Tunç SoyerHe said, “To make permanent investments, that is, to weave İzmir with iron nets, is our duty to the people of İzmir and to future generations.”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the construction of Çiğli Tram with an investment of 414 million liras to strengthen the rail system network in urban transportation, took another giant step towards sustainable transportation. Metropolitan Municipality, Bozankaya Inc. with Cigli, Konak and Karşıyaka signed a mutual agreement for the purchase of 26 electric tram vehicles that will work on the lines. The winner of the tender, in which 51 percent of the locality condition is sought for the vehicles to be produced, is offered with a bid of 749 million 750 thousand TL. Bozankaya Inc. had become a firm.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the signing ceremony in İzmir Sanat. Tunç Soyer, Bozankaya Chairman of the Board Aytunç Günay, Deputy Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Özuslu, Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Barış Karcı and Eser Atak, Metro A.Ş. Raif Canbek, Chairman of the Board, Metro A.Ş. General Manager Sonmez Alev, Bozankaya company officials and bureaucrats attended.

“We spent 26 billion TL for rail system investments”

Saying that they have accelerated their rail system investments in İzmir since 2019 and they are planning an investment of 26 billion liras, Soyer said, “Although rail system investments have many benefits in the long run, they are expensive in the short term, permit processes and financing are difficult, their visibility is low, in short, local administrations. investments with many difficulties in terms of As a matter of fact, this is the reason why these investments, which have already been completed in the cities of the world, have not yet been made in our country. Managing our cities with short-term plans. We broke this shell in Izmir. Despite all the difficulties, we took bold steps for long-term investments and showed the will to carry out six new rail system projects at the same time. Realizing these permanent investments, that is, weaving Izmir with iron nets, is our duty to the people of Izmir and future generations.”

“The quality of life will increase even more”

Stating that as the rail system investments increase and the lines expand, the need for new tram vehicles increases, Soyer said, “In order to respond to the increasing demand, on July 27, 2021; We went to an open tender for the purchase of 26 sets of Tram Vehicles, 27 Spare Parts and 11 Special Tools. Within the framework of the criteria in our specification, the most suitable bidder for the tender Bozankaya company won the tender with 749 million 750 thousand 49 TL. This is why we are together today to purchase new tram vehicles and to further enlarge our fleet. With the contract we will sign, we enlarge our fleet, which currently consists of 38 sets of tram vehicles, by 26% with 70 sets of tram vehicles in the first stage and increase it to 64 sets. Our new tram vehicles, Bozankaya company's facilities in Turkey and using 'at least 51% domestic parts' in our specification, with a special design for İzmir. With the contract, we will receive two of our tram vehicles in the 18th month. An average of four vehicles will then be delivered each month. In the 27th month, the delivery of our entire fleet will be completed. But I believe it will go further. I believe that today's tram vehicle purchase; It will strengthen our affordable, safe and nature-friendly public transportation policy and will further increase the quality of life of Izmir.”

Stating that they add a great income to Turkey with their tram, metro and electric bus exports, Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave information about the set of 26 vehicles and said, “We are working to put it into the service of the people of İzmir in the near future and we are excited. We are excited to serve the people of Izmir," he said.

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