President Seçer: 'We Will Start the Era of Rail Systems in Mersin on January 3, 2022'

President Secer Ocak will start the rail systems period in Mersin.
President Secer Ocak will start the rail systems period in Mersin.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer was the guest of the live broadcast of the 'Day Today News' program broadcast on Channel 33 and presented by Arzu Öner. Referring to the Mersin Metro project, Mayor Seçer referred to January 3, an important day for the city, and said, “The day we registered our independence. We will celebrate its 100th anniversary and start the rail systems era on January 3, 2022”. Seçer said that as long as they remain in office, the services worthy of Mersin will increasingly continue.

“Minus Metropolitan is one of the municipalities that implement the right policies”

Making evaluations about the country's agenda in the program, President Seçer drew attention to the importance of the administration based on the constitution and founding values ​​of the country, and said that political conflicts cause unnecessary energy and time loss, and this causes unhappiness. Presenter Arzu Özer stated that the example of Mersin among 11 Metropolitan Municipalities makes the citizens proud and gives hope, and on the sentence "Vahap Seçer, the discovery of Mersin", Mayor Seçer said that they have accomplished good works. Seçer said, “There has been a lot of valuable work. In fact, we have been in management for 2,5 years, but when you look at it, we have been doing something intimidating for a year. Getting to know the city is important. There is a need for a mayor who can know the political figures, problems and streets of the city, know the lowest in terms of economic income, know their suffering, or understand the expectations of those above. We love Mersin. We are in love with Mersin. Mersin is our everything. Our country, we love our country. We serve with this understanding.” Stating that they started with social policies and made a superior effort in the pandemic, Seçer said, “We caught up with everywhere. To everyone; We made them say 'God bless our municipality'. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is one of the municipalities that implemented the right policies in overcoming this crisis during the pandemic process.

“I promise Mersin a welfare society”

Pointing out that they are with the citizens with many services they have implemented during the pandemic period, President Seçer stated that the number of Neighborhood Kitchens, one of his most important projects, will increase. Seçer said, “Currently at 24 points. It will go up to 30 points. This is important. Now, we are not saying that people should get used to it, let's get used to it, with the help of the state. I am against this mentality. Let my fellow citizens know my opinion on this matter. Of course, let's create employment areas, let Mersin grow. So, as a Mayor, I promise Mersin a welfare society. Let Mersin not be remembered for its poverty, public order problems, the pollution and filth of the streets, and unplanned urbanization. Mersin is the pearl of the Mediterranean. It is a very important trade center. Turkey's 5. ,6. , the 7th largest province. Now, the fact that such a city has poor people is a situation that really needs to be thought about and questioned," he said.

“An outdated understanding of politics”

President Seçer emphasized that while serving together with all the stakeholders of the city, being aware of Mersin's riches, it is necessary to unite on the common ground of Mersin. Özer said, “Isn't Mersin the common denominator of those who raise their hands as rejection or rejection of everything in the parliament? On the question, Seçer said, “An outdated understanding of politics. It does not exist in any part of the world, in any democratic country. People see them. When the time comes, he will punish me if I make a mistake. If they make mistakes, he will punish them. Turkish people are foresighted," he said. Stating that the public is watching the works, President Seçer said:

“Never before has Mersin Metropolitan Municipality been such an accountable and transparent municipality. Which municipality opened its privacy, opened its safe, how it made tenders, how it borrowed, how much interest it bought, where and how much money did it spend? This president told the members of the assembly one by one. Now, in the wisdom that does not understand this, they come to the Assembly by applying the instructions they received from the senior management in the group meetings they held; before I talk about it, without discussing the issues; Can you say to a member of the Assembly, whose color is in the game's mind, 'acts with a democratic reflex'? You cannot say. There is no such thing in democracies. In democracies, the will of the people, the will of the representatives of the people or the members of the parliament, cannot be mortgaged. But the will of the council members in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is under mortgage. Point. I don't want to have a discussion about it."

“Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is a strong municipality”

Reminding that Mersin is a rich city and one of the cities that pay the highest taxes, Mayor Seçer noted that this wealth is reflected in the country and the city as income. Emphasizing once again that they are a strong municipality, Seçer said, "Your municipality has taken over the debt, it's over, I can't serve, I can't build roads, I can't do crossroads, I can't do social aid, I can't do agricultural supports," a word, a lament, instead of feeling helpless. Did you see an attitude? Never! Mersin is a rich city. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is a strong municipality. As long as you don't waste these resources. Do not allow these resources to be stolen. Save your money. You would do a great service to Mersin. We are doing it right now," he said.

“We do not do projects that we cannot pay by saying 'Oh, the election is coming'”

President Seçer stated that they have been able to obtain only 164 million liras of authorization since the day they took office. Reminding that they obtained a borrowing authority of approximately 80 million liras for MESKI last year, Seçer underlined that they could not obtain a borrowing authority from the Parliament. Seçer underlined that although they could not obtain borrowing authority, they paid a significant part of the debts from the past period and continued their services rapidly. Referring to the quality of the services in Mersin, Seçer emphasized that many things have changed in Mersin, from the management approach to the point of view, and stated that they work with quality materials and teams in every job. Seçer stated that they avoid waste and implement priority projects and said, “Our financial discipline is extremely good. No one should worry. Let all tradesmen work with us, make us the most reasonable price, the best quality. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is a prestigious municipality. We do not do the projects that we cannot pay by saying 'Oh, the election is coming'. We sat on such a bad legacy. We see this. This is an important experience. We have learned from this experience. We will never build tens of unnecessary buildings that we cannot fill.”

“Citizens should rule and inspect the city with me”

Addressing the citizens to download the Teksin application to their phones, Seçer demanded that the services be inspected and that a notification be made in case of any negativity. Seçer says, “I'm talking about a system that works 24 hours a day. Let them rule the city together, control it with me. They give me ideas, they help me. They become my eyes, hands and ears. I ask my citizens to do this," he said.

“We will start the rail systems period in Mersin on January 3, 2022”

Referring to Mersin Metro, which is an important day for Mersin, Seçer said, “The day we registered our independence. We will celebrate its 3th anniversary and on that day, January 100, 3, as an important day in Mersin's history, we will start the rail systems era. 2022 kilometers of metro in the first stage, tram in the second stage, and level rail system in the third stage. It will come from the current underground. Mezitli old town hall will come from underground between the old bus station. The location of the ratio does not make an above-ground system suitable.” President Seçer stated that there are two methods for the construction of the underground metro and said:

“We were crossing between the old Bus Station and the Pozcu Post Office with the TBM technique, and even a little further, but with the concern of this discomfort, we are taking this route even further. Technicians are working. In fact, the contractor company is currently setting up its construction site. TBM ordered. The TBM will start from the old bus station, will probably pass through the Forum area, we have a stop there. We would like to do all of them with CPC, but this of course increases the cost. Since you are 30 meters down, the stations you will make are also very costly. There is also an on-off method. In areas of the city that calm down towards the west, they make the tunnel at 200-meter stages with the cut-and-cover method, which is at 12 to 18 meters. It costs less. Of course, we will cause some discomfort to the environment, but we are already taking our measures to prevent the flow of traffic and the environment. In this sense, people please trust us. We are taking our measures to minimize this.”

“Mersin who works, produces and pays taxes finds this money more than enough”

Stating that while the Transportation Master Plan was being prepared in 2015, the population of the city was over 1 million 650 thousand, and the population of the city has reached 2.3 million together with the Syrian refugees since then, Seçer said that all citizens were disturbed by the increase in traffic. Seçer talked about developed countries and Istanbul, which has a 197 kilometer rail transportation system, and said, “We will still build 13.4 kilometers of metro. 'This man is mortgaging the future of the country'. I swear, it would be a shame for Mersin if there were managers like these. Mersin is poured. I guess it goes back 50-60 years. It's not going to happen. Mersin, which works, produces and pays taxes, finds more than enough money, no one should worry. Central governments should also look back here," he said.

“Mersin is a brand value kazanwill"

Seçer, Metro projesinin direkt ve dolaylı olarak 4 bin kişiye istihdam sağlayacağını vurgulayarak, “Şu anda vagonlar hariç yaklaşık olarak 300 milyon avro civarında bir maliyetimiz olacak. Bunun üçte ikisi bu kentte kalacak. Buradan alışveriş olacak, çimento, demir, malzeme alacak. Çalışanlar burada çalışacak. Kamyonlar buranın kamyonları, şoförler, buranın insanları olacak. Kente çok büyük canlılık katacak. Mersin, bir marka değeri kazanwill ache. You are connecting 4 districts with a rail system and iron nets. In fact, you are combining a socio-cultural mosaic,” he said.

“We cannot provide anything to the city with small works”

Reminding that the Çeşmeli-Taşucu highway connection has not been made since 2007, when he was a deputy, Seçer said, “Now if you connect this route to the highway, you will develop tourism all the way to Anamur. Divided road work was also done there. But it took too long. The distance between Gazipaşa and Taşucu is still not over. These major studies are the most important studies that will change the structure and economic structure of the city. In other words, we cannot provide anything to the city with small works, small consolations and nice words. If I were a person running the country, or if my power was running, I would concentrate on these. But I am the mayor. I also have potential. I have my budget. I also have responsibilities. But I give these ideas. I give this in good faith. Please make the highway link road. Make the main container port as well. As the mayor of the city, I also told the council members; 'Let's go to Ankara together'. They can't. There is no such permission. They say, 'Sit where you sit'. Let's go tomorrow. Here I am calling. I am addressing the members of the Assembly, who took the microphone and acted as the lawyers of the past period. I call out to the members of the Assembly who produce dreams. I'm calling out to the members of the Assembly who are talking in vain and blocking us. Let's go together. Let's finish these things. This is not a party," he said.

“As long as we remain in administration, services worthy of Mersin will continue to increase”

Noting that they will continue to produce services without stopping, Seçer said, “Sometimes, we can go stable due to these untimely and unnecessary obstacles. But our plane's nose will always go up into the air. As long as we stay in administration here, services will continue to increase at a pace befitting Mersin. I emphasize this. Let my citizens see this as an election promise. This is an assertive statement and they should always ask me to account for it and reflect it to the ballot box as much as they appreciate. "We came here to serve," he said.

Seçer stated that he will work for the city as long as the people of Mersin choose him and said, “The days to come will be much better than today. I believe very much,” he said.

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