President Seçer: 'Mersin Is Becoming a Logistics Center'

The situation of Mersin becoming a logistics center is in question.
The situation of Mersin becoming a logistics center is in question.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer attended the Mersin Economy Summit organized by Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) with the slogan “The Heart of Economy Beats in Mersin”. At the summit held at Yenişehir Municipality Atatürk Cultural Center, Mayor Seçer emphasized the importance of agriculture, tourism and commerce, and stated that important and valuable investments can be brought to Mersin. kazanstressed the need for

“Products with high unit prices are produced here”

Hosted by MTSO Chairman of the Board Ayhan Kızıltan, the event was attended by President Seçer as well as MTSO Assembly President Hamit İzol, district mayors, city protocol and many business people. Emphasizing that Mersin will be a shining city in the future, Seçer said, “I hope history will not mislead me.

Stating that Mersin is an agricultural city, President Seçer said, “When you bring soil and water together, yield and quality are tremendous. In other words, products with high market value and label price on the shelf are in Mersin. Here, products with high unit prices are produced. All these contribute to our turnover. We are the city that pays taxes in the 5th, 6th and 7th ranks in Turkey, but we are the city where poverty among siblings is at the highest level in Turkey's income distribution, ranking 2nd after Adana. The richest brother is here, the poorest brother is crawling on the ground. We are in such an interesting city,” he said.

President Seçer emphasized the importance of logistics for Mersin

President Seçer emphasized the importance of the logistics sector, which is another sector created by agriculture, tourism and industry in the city, and said:

“You see that a multi-sector city spontaneously produces a huge industry; logistics. Industry; You need logistics. Trade; domestic and international logistics. Agriculture; You are producing, you need logistics. Tourism; You need logistics. All roads lead to logistics. That's why I want to focus on logistics. I would like to talk about important issues and investments that also concern me. international airport; this is of great importance. A central government that finished Istanbul Airport, which boasts of being one of the largest airports in the world, in such a short time should be finishing an international airport whose foundation was laid in 2013. The highway must be connected to Taşucu from Çeşmeli; but Sertavul, which is an important gate connecting Central Anatolia after Gülek, has to go down to Silifke. It is very important, those who know this geography know. SEKA Port has been privatized, there will be a trade. The region has production, agriculture and tourism. You will connect from there or you will export from Central Anatolia or if you are going to transport your imported products to Anatolia. If you are opening the SEKA Port, it is extremely important.”

“Mersin is about to become a logistics center”

Stating that the port issue is also of great importance for Mersin, Seçer said, “Mersin is in question for this region to become a logistics center, which is a very valuable and important maritime trade intersection of the whole world.” Speaking about the main container port, which was previously designated as Mersin but whose location was marked as 'Eastern Mediterranean' in the 11th Development Plan, President Seçer said:

“Currently the port is 2.6 million TEU. If they don't have a problem, legally, the 1 million TEU port will expand. As the Mayor, I cannot take a stand in favor of development, development, growth and stopping the expansion of the trade volume. I want investment. But investing is not a victim of lobbies, an unreasonable investment that saves people, saves companies; As Mersin, we need to focus on important and valuable investments that concern all of us, the whole region, the whole country. No matter what they do, they will invest these investments in Mersin. kazanthere is an imperative to climb. The elected ones should think about this more than the bureaucracy.”

MTSO Chairman of the Board Ayhan Kızıltan also emphasized the importance of the meeting and said, "I hope this summit will guide us in making our future plans."

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