China's New Corona Test Method Gives Results in 10 Minutes

Jinn's New Corona Test Method Gives Results in Minutes
Jinn's New Corona Test Method Gives Results in Minutes

Chinese scientists have developed a coronavirus test method that can get results within 30 minutes by blowing a small bag for 10 seconds.

According to an article recently published online in the international academic journal Respir Res, a new non-invasive expiratory corona virus screening method has been developed in collaboration with the team of Professor Yao Maosheng from the Beijing University Environmental Institute and Beijing Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A patent application has also been filed for the new method.

No test reagents are needed in this process. Subjects can complete sample collection by breathing in disposable breathing bags for only 30 seconds. Rapid screening of Covid-5 patients can be achieved within 10-19 minutes after the breath sample is taken.

Based on the current data model, the sensitivity of this test system rises to over 95 percent. Compared to nucleic acid testing, this method is considered not only simple and time-saving, but also economical.

Currently, relevant tests and optimization are carried out for the dissemination of the new corona virus scanning system with non-invasive expiration.

According to international media reports, scientific researchers in countries such as Singapore, Japan and Indonesia have developed this technology since 2020.

Professor Yao Maosheng pointed out that Chinese researchers are the first team to achieve results in this area.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 20/10/2021 13:47

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