Inspection for Valet and Taxis throughout Turkey

Inspection was carried out for valet and taxis across turkey
Inspection was carried out for valet and taxis across turkey

While minutes were kept for 23 businesses whose deficiencies were detected in the audits with the participation of 559 thousand personnel, administrative sanctions were applied to 53 businesses and 45 valets. In addition, 12 thousand 139 commercial taxis were inspected in the application, 73 of them were banned from traffic.

The “Regulation on the Car Park Services (Valet) of Enterprises and Workplaces”, which regulates the procedures and principles regarding the provision and procurement of valet service, was published in the Official Gazette last year and entered into force in July of this year. With this regulation, the general principles and principles regarding valet service, businesses providing valet service, workplaces, conditions to be sought in valet officers and their powers and responsibilities were clearly determined.

Accordingly, the workplace providing valet service will add this service to its main activity as a secondary activity in its license. Businesses that do not add will not be able to offer this service. Businesses providing valet service will be required to show the business providing this service within their own property or in the parking lot to be rented. It indicates that it is not mandatory to get valet service, the sign will be hung for all to see and customers will not be forced to take valet service. The valet service fee will be indicated on the sign in a way that the driver can see. Businesses and workplaces that offer valet service will deliver the vehicle with a receipt and will be liable to pay any possible damage and penalty. The valet service offered will be provided within a maximum radius of 3 kilometers. The service fee cannot exceed the price tariff determined within the framework of the relevant legislation, depending on the title of the operator as a tradesman or merchant.

No private space will be reserved for valet service in free parking areas, on highways and in areas open to public use. A copy of the service contract drawn up between the valet company and the workplace is submitted to the authorized administration; A copy of the list of valet officers employed will be given to the authorized administration and law enforcement units within the specified periods. Valet service will not be provided by persons other than personnel wearing valet identification cards and wearing valet outfits. There will be a security camera that will record the parking area. While valet service is provided, other rules, prohibitions, obligations or obligations shown in the Highway Traffic Regulations will be complied with. Persons to be employed in valet service; Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed and have been amnesty; Offenses against the security of the state, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, theft, drugs or stimulants; Manufacturing and trading, facilitating its use, purchasing, accepting or possessing or using for use, not being convicted of sexual assault crimes or being prosecuted for these crimes. Within the last five years; will not be involved in fatal traffic accidents consciously negligently. The driver's license will not be withdrawn more than once or permanently revoked due to drug or stimulants, or drunk driving and violating the speed rules.

23 thousand personnel participated in the inspections

Within the scope of these provisions, a total of 6 thousand 939 personnel, 16 thousand 83 security and 23 thousand 22 gendarmerie personnel, 6 thousand 689 teams and 97 detector dogs, and 5 thousand 32 points were implemented simultaneously for Valet Services and Commercial Taxi Drivers across the country yesterday.

In the inspections made for the businesses that provide valet service and valet personnel; A total of 1.359 businesses, 4.034 of which were in the gendarmerie region, and 141 valet personnel in 1.778 gendarmerie regions were inspected.

559 businesses were recorded

Minutes were kept for 559 businesses, whose deficiencies were detected within the framework of the relevant regulation during the inspections, and administrative sanctions were imposed on 53 businesses and 45 valets.

12 thousand 139 commercial taxis were inspected, 73 of them were banned from traffic

In the inspections made for commercial taxi drivers, 12 thousand 139 commercial taxis were checked. During these controls, 73 commercial taxis were banned from traffic and 1 driver's license was withdrawn. In addition, 20 commercial taxis were penalized from the Misdemeanor Law No. 5326 and 722 commercial taxis from the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918. A total of 742 commercial taxis were penalized.

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