How is the Perkotek Fingerprint System and Its Functioning?

How is the perkotek fingerprint system and its functioning?
How is the perkotek fingerprint system and its functioning?

The tip of each person's fingertips is biologically uniquely created. That's why people's fingerprints are different. Because it is biologically unique, no person's fingerprint is the same as another's. This gives us a unique encryption method. In this way, fingerprint records are different. The system is provided and used securely.

The bubbles and dots on the fingertips look like a biometric map. Fingerprint reading devices, on the other hand, create a unique encryption algorithm by taking into account the distances between these indentations and protrusions on the fingertips and the positions of the points in our fingerprints to each other. A perfect encryption occurs because the fingerprint records are different.

Fingerprint reader When the fingerprint is read, the device performs the matching process by looking at the other fingerprint records registered to it, identifying it. When the fingerprint is read, it confirms if it is the person.

What is X-Ray device?

It gives information about the contents of objects by passing them through a fixed X-ray source. It shows us the items inside. The items placed in the tape are detected by the photo diodes thanks to the irradiation. X-rays scan from the entrance end to the exit end of the goods passing in the tape. These scans are very important in terms of security. Thanks to the rays, it distinguishes any dangerous substance in it. Distinguish organic and inorganic substances.

X Ray has a generator that produces x-rays with the power it receives from electricity. The image is processed by the software and the image of the substance passing through the device is formed on the monitor. The software application can operate in four languages. In X-ray, the conveyor belt can be guided either on the keyboard or from the options in the software menu. Authorization can be done by creating a user and password on the software.

X-Ray devices scan with thousands of photon beams and reflect this information on the screen. This information appears on the screen. Lead metal is photon-proof. Therefore, a bag or a substance coated with lead is not visible, and these products are determined as suspicious substances by the person using the X-Ray device.

The software of the X-Ray device is quite easy. It has easy-to-understand software. The object in the menu can be enlarged or reduced. In the program, it can change color, black and white grayscale and also using organic and inorganic function options, it gives a clearer and more detailed image to the monitor. xray device It displays the substance passed by the tape both on the monitor and the large screen, on the screen located in the lower left corner. Thanks to the hard disk, you can see the historical records and if the hard disk is full, it will delete the historical records. The image of dangerous goods is uploaded to the software and has the feature of giving an audible warning.

In order for X-Ray to work longer, it will be more appropriate to work with a UPS line to protect possible voltage fluctuations, collapses, spikes, sudden changes, short or long interruptions that may occur or may occur in the network. People who use X-Ray devices should go through a good training process.

Thanks to the lead-coated curtains that prevent radiation at the X-Ray entrances and exits, it prevents the outward radiation of x-rays inside. It is extremely harmful for people to insert their hands or other bodily parts inside the tunnel of the X-ray device. Emergency shutdown buttons are available for the operator using the x-ray device to stop the device directly in case of physical contact of people with the tunnel of the X-ray device or sudden problems.

How is fingerprint reading done?

Fingerprint reading is done by taking and recording the digital image of the fingerprint with the help of light. In this process, the digital image of the fingerprint is recorded by the reflection of the light inside the sensor inside the glass-covered screen (prism). When the prism is read, it is recorded and processed.

The advantages of fingerprint systems are;

Fingerprint door lock It is more user-friendly as there is no obligation to carry cards in systems. There is no need to buy a card in these systems. In addition, since there is no obligation to sign at the entrance and exit, the entry and exit information can be viewed instantly and a report can be obtained directly through the software, following the reading process. Personnel tracking has become very professional with these systems. Since fingerprint systems are personal, they eliminate problems such as the use of someone else's card. It is a very reliable system.


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