Generation Z's Income Will Increase By 140 Percent

Generation Z's Income Will Increase By 140 Percent
Generation Z's Income Will Increase By 140 Percent

Generation Z spends 3 hours a day on social media. 25 percent of young people state that they are happy on social media. The income of Generation Z with 7 trillion income will be 2030 trillion dollars in 33.

According to Bank of America's report, Generation Z already has $7 trillion in income. It is predicted that the income of Generation Z will increase by 5 percent in the next 140 years. At this rate, the generation Z will be the generation with the fastest growing income. This generation, which gives importance to individualism rather than socialization, is expected to have an income of 2025 trillion dollars in 17 and 2030 trillion dollars in 33.

40% socialize digitally

Forty percent of Generation Z born online would rather stay online than face-to-face with their friends. sohbet prefers to do. Gökhan Bülbül, CEO of digital performance agency EG Information Technologies, pointed out that the route has been turned to digital in marketing and said, “Generation Z follows social media trends and uses technology in every aspect of their lives as a way of communication and spending. Companies have to digitally shift their marketing strategies to connect with Generation Z consumers. An effective digital marketing strategy not only understands and responds to the Gen Z audience, but also prepares businesses for the future.” used his statements.

They are on social media 3 hours a day

According to the research carried out by Ipsos with 2 thousand 4 participants, an average of 3 hours and 19 minutes of the generation Z who use social media is spent on online platforms. 25 percent of teens say their time on social media makes them feel positive. 15 percent of those aged 24-92 use WhatsApp, 91 percent Instagram, 85 percent YouTube uses. Only 5 percent of young people are not involved in social media.

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