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Deniz Kucukkaya
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With the concept of aesthetics increasingly taking place in our lives, nose aesthetics remains a priority among the most popular interventions. Rhinoplasty prices research stands out as the most frequent research topic of those who will have aesthetic surgery. Not only because of medical necessity, but also as the increase in the number of nose operations performed to achieve more suitable facial features, successful results are also increasing.


Since the nose is the most striking organ in terms of its positioning on the face, its size and shape have the potential to cause aesthetic concern. Since its main purpose is to fulfill the respiratory task, not only its shape and size, but also its structure can be an obstacle to this task. In both cases, rhinoplasty is a surgical operation for both healthier breathing and facial beauty.

What is Nose Surgery?

Nasal surgeries, also known as rhinoplasty, are performed by a plastic surgeon. With the techniques known as open or closed nose surgery, it is the surgery that allows the nose to be restructured to the most suitable dimensions for the face, if it is not to eliminate the formations such as cartilage tissue that prevents breathing, if there are any.

Although sometimes simpler procedures such as raising the tip of the nose are also the subject of rhinoplasty, it is one of the most important steps for the surgeon to show the changes to be made in the patient's nose and the result in simulation. It should also be noted that the results seen in these simulation procedures do not exactly reflect the real postoperative results.

Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

As in every aesthetic intervention, the process, which will start with the selection of a reliable and talented surgeon, progresses through the stages of preliminary examination, determination of patient needs, and evaluation of general health status.

It is very important that the patient has realistic expectations at the end of the surgery process, which will be planned according to the needs, in patients who have completed bone development and whose general health is suitable for the operation. Before the surgery, people are asked to stop the use of cigarettes, alcohol, caffeinated drinks and blood thinners.

How is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Nose aesthetics Although different techniques are used for the surgery, there are generally open and closed rhinoplasty surgeries. Rhinoplasty, which takes an average of 2 to 4 hours, is mostly performed under general anesthesia.

Who Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Applied To?

Before researching the prices of rhinoplasty, it would be more accurate to find out whether you are suitable for this procedure. One of the priority criteria for aesthetic intervention is to be over the age of 18 and complete bone development. In the presence of genetic or post-traumatic conditions that make breathing difficult, people can have surgery.

In addition, those who have aesthetic expectations such as removing the arched structure of the nose without a health problem and having a raised and small nose can be operated if they do not have serious psychological disorders. Medical data such as general health status, chronic diseases, medications used, allergy status of the person should be suitable for the operation.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery Techniques

It is applied in open and closed techniques, which differ as cutting the area in the middle of the nose and called columella or performing the procedure without cutting. rhinoplasty surgical techniques. In addition, different nasal aesthetic applications such as nasal botox and piezo surgery can be performed according to the needs of the patient.

After Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Following the doctor's instructions after the surgery directly affects the healing process. Ice application will be suitable for swelling and bruises. In the first hours, liquid nutrition should be done, the head should not be bent forward, and one should be at rest.

The use of drugs in accordance with the doctor's prescription, cleaning the inside of the nose with sea water and keeping it moist, dressing properly if there are stitches, and cream applications are the applications to be done after the surgery.

For the post-procedure process, it would be correct to avoid mimicry, protect from the sun, not move excessively and not use glasses. Another question of interest rhinoplasty prices What it is and how it is determined needs to be well researched.

Rhinoplasty Prices 2021

It becomes clear in the preliminary examination of the person whether it is a minor revision procedure or a comprehensive surgery needed for rhinoplasty. Depending on the procedure to be performed, the application center and the status of the plastic surgeon rhinoplasty Prices It varies according to the intervention and the doctor. Click now for more information.

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