Countdown Starts For BMX Super Cross World Cup

Countdown has begun for bmx super cross world cup
Countdown has begun for bmx super cross world cup

The countdown has begun for the BMX Super Cross World Cup, which will be hosted by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. There are only 10 days left until the championship, which the world will follow closely. On October 23, an organization in the spirit of races and festivals will start in the Sunflower Cycling Valley. In the valley, preparations are being made for internet and electricity installations and tents for EXPO.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is hosting another giant organization that the world will talk about. Preparations continue in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, which is the address of major championships and cups and has become the center of cycling in the world. There are 10 days left to the eagerly awaited cup and the countdown has begun.

4 days of world race and 9 days of fair and entertainment

A feverish work is being carried out in the valley for the BMX races where the “Super Cross World Cup” race will be held on October 23-24 and October 30-31, and the “Turkey vs Sakarya Cup” races will be held during the week between these dates. During the 9 days of the Cup, tent and infrastructure works are carried out in the area where EXPO and the fair will be held. In addition, electricity and internet infrastructure are being processed in addition to the entire valley. As of October 23, stands and playgrounds for children will be set up in the fairground in the valley, creating a festive atmosphere.

“The countdown has begun, we are waiting for the people of Sakarya”

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, "A new excitement begins in our Sakarya, which has registered its name in cycling, which has the title of 'Bicycle City' given to the few cities of the world by UCI. The 'Super Cross World Cup' races, which will be held on the challenging track in the valley of BMX, will bring the excitement to the peak in the Sunflower Cycling Valley. We are making all the preparations. We want to host the guests from the world and Turkey in the best way and show that we are a brand in this field. We wish the people of Sakarya to make their plans in advance for this cup in which the world's most important athletes will compete. We have started the countdown, we are waiting for that day.

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