Derman 8×8 Container Carrier Vehicle Supply Contract Signed

Derman 8×8 Container Carrier Vehicle Supply Contract Signed
Derman 8×8 Container Carrier Vehicle Supply Contract Signed

During the visit of President of the Presidency's Defense Industry, İsmail Demir, to Koluman, he signed a contract for the supply of Derman 8×8 Armored Logistics Support Vehicles within the scope of the 8×8 Wheeled Container Carrier Vehicle Project. According to the contract, 8 Container Carrier Vehicles, which will be an important logistics support within the scope of the 8×65 armored combat support vehicle need of the Land Forces Command, will be produced with domestic and national resources. It was not disclosed how much the vehicles covered by the contract would cost.

First Delivery To Begin 2021

Koluman Automotive Chairman of the Board Kaan Saltık stated that the first deliveries of the DERMAN 4×8 Armored Logistics Support Vehicle will begin in 8 at the 2021th Istanbul Economic Summit. Regarding the subject, “Contract negotiations continue. As of 2021, we will start our first deliveries.” he said.

DERMAN 8 × 8

Derman is an armored 8-wheel drive military logistics vehicle manufactured by Koluman Otomotiv Endustri AS in Tarsus district of Mersin. Koluman Otomotiv Endustri AŞ started Derman's R&D studies in 2015.

Derman 8 × 8 has been developed as a family of vehicles with a high level of similarity throughout the fleet, suitable for multi-purpose use, with upgradable modular ballistic protection levels suitable for logistic support and tactical operations.


Basic Features:

  • 4 person capacity (including driver)
  • 16-speed fully automatic transmission
  • Diesel engine capable of producing 517 horsepower
  • Top speed 110 km / h
  • Superior control and mobility thanks to the rotatable front two axles
  • 60% steep slope and 30% side slope mobility
  • 140 cm Trench and 40 cm Vertical Obstacle pass ability
  • 75 cm water pass ability
  • 70% localization rate

Purposes of use:

  • Shipment of armored vehicles, tanks and ammunition
  • Shipment of command centers and similar structures
  • Recovery of damaged or broken vehicles

Target Markets:

  1. Domestic market formed in line with the needs of the TSK (SSB will be tendered for 476 vehicles)
  2. NATO countries
  3. Other countries

Source: defenceturk

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