Tips for Preserving Beauty in Winter

Tips for Preserving Beauty in Winter

Tips for Preserving Beauty in Winter

Emphasizing the importance of regular and correct care by using natural materials during the winter months when our skin needs support the most, Assoc. İbrahim Aşkar said, “In winter, blackheads and oily skin should be cleaned with good care in a way that does not cause acne.”

Stating that the face, neck and hands are the areas most affected by external factors such as UV rays, make-up, cigarettes, stress and weather change in the human body, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar said that skin care is of great importance especially in winter. He said he was carrying. Assoc. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar stated, “The wrong skin care you will apply and the wrong products you will use will leave you with results that are far from what you expected.”

Stating that appropriate skin care should be done by determining the type of skin, Dr.Aşkar said:

“We apply skin care according to the type of skin. Oily, dry, combination, old, spotty, blemished, sensitive, etc. skin type also affects the type of skin care to be applied. Cleaning blackheads in winter; oil control of oily skin with good care so as not to cause acne; In combination skin, it is one of the most basic elements to prevent the formation of problems such as itching, stinging and burning on the skin by drying it too much. In addition, moisturizing of the skin and treatment for the elimination of redness are skin treatments that can be easily provided. White-yellow oil glands may occur around the eyes and temples. Due to the lack of oil production, there are blockages in the sebaceous glands, mila, closed comedones, subcutaneous sebaceous glands and cysts may occur. For this reason, it is wisest to start skin care at a young age and to take care of your skin and use the appropriate product.
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar also warns about the care of dry skin that needs support during the winter months and gives the following tips:

“- Cleanse your skin by massaging the skin cleansing milk into your skin thoroughly.

-Do the peeling application with non-granular peeling due to the sensitivity and dryness of your skin.

-For 10-15 minutes, apply steam to your skin.

-Compress with a comedon (acne) forceps.

-Apply a toner with a low alcohol content.

– Use masks with moisturizing properties and complete your skin care by applying moisturizing serum, ampoule and cream to your skin.

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