Adana Metro's Debt Will End in 2029

The debt of adana metro will end in the year
The debt of adana metro will end in the year

📩 12/10/2021 10:48

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council started its October work in a calm environment. Two more items were added to the agenda of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council, which was opened by Mayor Zeydan Karalar, clerks Firdevs Cingözler and Zafer Koç.

Speaking out of the agenda, MHP Group Deputy Chairman Cemal Demirdağ, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ozan Gülaçtı, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Serdar Seyhan and IYI Party Group Deputy Chairman Recai Lentil stated that the 5th Taste Festival was successful and thanked the people and institutions that supported them.

Speakers stated that the festival was announced at the national level when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came to Adana and lit the festival kebab fire.

President Zeydan Karalar said that they reiterated the takeover of metro debts from President Erdogan and that they wanted the second stage to be done. Expressing that the metro debt will be completed in 2, Karalar said, “As of now, the metro debt constitutes one fourth of the municipal debts. Even that is a huge debt,” he said.

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