A New Era Begins for Lexus with Next-Gen NX

Lexus NX
Lexus NX

📩 11/10/2021 11:26

Premium car manufacturer Lexus introduced the second generation NX model with a test drive. The brand's representative in the D-SUV segment, the New NX, will also be available in Turkey as of March, including Lexus' first plug-in hybrid model.

Revealing the new direction the Lexus brand will take in design, taking a step forward in terms of dynamic performance and technology, NX stands out with an innovative approach in the new generation as it was in the first generation.

“The new NX will be one of the main models of Lexus in Turkey”

Stating that the NX model will further increase the brand's claim with its arrival in the Turkish market, CEO and Chairman of the Board Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, "When we launch our new NX model in the first quarter of next year, we will further increase our claim both in the D SUV segment and in the premium segment. As you can see, the new NX represents a new era for the brand and will be one of the models that will shape the future of the brand. This model will make a significant contribution to our growth in terms of quantity in Turkey and will become one of our main models. NX, which will play an active role in Lexus' journey in Europe and Turkey, will strengthen our hand next year. We believe that the New NX, which will be offered for sale in Turkey with hybrid and plug-in hybrid options, will also be appreciated by premium segment users. In addition, fleet companies have a great interest in our brand and we have already started pre-order negotiations for the new NX.”

“New NX has tax incentive of up to 300 thousand TL”

Saying that Lexus will offer a very different option to users with the new NX model, Bozkurt said, “The new NX, which has been developed in every aspect, also benefits from the current hybrid tax incentive in Turkey. There is currently a tax incentive advantage of around 300 thousand TL for NX. However, due to the higher costs in plug-in hybrid versions, I think a more comprehensive incentive should come in order to offer more price advantages.”

“With its 98 km electric range, it has the longest range in its segment”

Underlining Lexus' technological superiority in electrification, CEO and Chairman of the Board Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “The plug-in hybrid NX developed by Lexus offers a range of up to 98 km in the city thanks to its superior technology, and has the longest range in its segment with only electricity. achieves success. The average fuel consumption was measured as only 100 liters per 1.1 kilometers. We already feel that our customers will be greatly affected by this technological tool. "The high electric range of the NX will make more noise in the coming period," he said.

“We have no availability problem, we have the advantage of immediate delivery”

Addressing the global chip crisis at the launch of NX, CEO and Chairman of the Board Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “As the Lexus brand, we are the brand least affected by the chip crisis. We currently do not have an availability problem and have the advantage of immediate delivery. Our goal is to exceed the previous year every year and we have succeeded in exceeding last year's customs as of August. We achieved growth above the premium market; While the premium market grew by 9 percent in the first 13 months, we, as Lexus, recorded 58 percent growth.

“A different location with Lexus services”

Stating that customer expectations in the premium segment are higher and different, Bozkurt said, “This also includes intense competition. We strive to provide privileged services. Extensive premium service network, helicopter service when necessary, replacement vehicle, individual consultant, 7/24 open showroom and buyback guarantee are just some of them. In addition, Lexus is a brand that maintains its value as second-hand and continues to be in a different position with all these services.” he said.

Lexus' first plug-in hybrid: NX 450H+

Along with the new generation NX, a plug-in hybrid version of Lexus will also be available. Reflecting Lexus' expertise in hybrid technology for more than 15 years, the first plug-in hybrid model takes the stage with the name of the new NX 450h+.

The NX 450h+'s hybrid system combines a four-cylinder 2.5-liter hybrid engine with a 134 kW front electric motor and a 40 kW rear electric motor. The electric motors are powered by the highest capacity battery in its class of 18.1 kWh, which can also be charged externally with a cable. The electric motor at the rear provides four-wheel drive with E-Four technology.

High efficiency and power in the NX Plug-in

NX 450h+ produces 309 HP as a total power and thus completes 0-100 km / h acceleration in 6.3 seconds. Despite this high performance, it offers the best values ​​in its class with CO2 emissions of 20-26 g/km and average fuel consumption of 0.9-1.1 lt/100 km according to WLTP measurements. Lexus' long history with electric motors makes the NX stand out as the model with class-leading electric drive capability. While the NX has an electric range of 69-76 km on average at mixed consumption, it can travel up to 98 kilometers in the city with only an electric motor, according to the version.

The fact that the vehicle still maintains its high efficiency in case the battery is discharged stands out as another point where Lexus makes a difference thanks to its hybrid experience. While many competing systems cause the vehicle to operate like a normal internal combustion vehicle when the battery is discharged, the self-charging hybrid system of the NX 450h+ provides an average of 30 percent higher efficiency than the fuel consumption of its competitors. In this case, the gasoline engine switches to battery charging mode and helps to achieve more efficient energy management. It also ensures that there is always more power in the battery so that the NX can only go on electric power.

However, the NX 450h+'s battery can be recharged in around 230 hours with the 32 V/6.6 A connection and the 2.5 kW charging system in the vehicle.

NX's more efficient and performance hybrid: NX 350h

Another option in the NX product range, the full-hybrid NX 350h takes hybrid performance and efficiency to higher levels with the fourth-generation Lexus hybrid technology. Having the same 450-liter engine as the NX 2.5h+ plug-in hybrid, the vehicle produces 244 HP with 300 HP more power than the first generation NX24h and emits around 10 percent less CO2. In this way, the vehicle, whose performance has increased, completes 0-100 km / h acceleration in 7.7 seconds.

A brand new design approach with NX

Lexus has achieved a more sophisticated design with the all-new NX model. Lexus develops the L-finesse design philosophy, combining elegant design with high technology. While retaining the innovative character that was greatly appreciated by users in the first generation NX, a more sophisticated, mature and dynamic design language has been adapted to the new generation NX.

NX's new design with the theme of "functional beauty" includes better aerodynamics, lower noise level and higher fuel efficiency behind its stylish look. Curved surfaces and sharp lines were used to emphasize the dynamic driving of the new generation NX.

Lexus NX


Bigger and more agile

Thanks to the use of the Lexus Global Architecture GA-K platform, more cabin living space and more luggage volume have been achieved. Compared to the first generation NX, the new vehicle has increased length by 20 mm, wheelbase by 30 mm, width by 20 mm and height by 5 mm. With the GA-K platform, the front track has been increased by 35 mm and the rear track by 55 mm. This enabled the New NX to have a stronger stance in terms of design, while also contributing to its dynamic driving.

At the front of the new NX, Lexus' distinctive grille played a complementary role in the vehicle's design. Complemented by a steeper and more elegant frame, the grille accentuates the long bonnet and forms the overall shape of the body that widens to the rear. The Lexus-specific grille features a new mesh pattern of U-shaped blocks that creates a stronger three-dimensional look, and this same U-pattern is also seen on the rims of the top-end cars. The elegant shape of the hood also ensures good visibility from the driver's seat.

The long and flowing front section contrasts with the strong rear design with short overhangs. At the rear, the new L-shaped all-LED stop group and the strip lights extending across the rear width of the vehicle, which is used for the first time in the UX SUV model, draw attention. The fact that the name 'LEXUS' is written instead of the logo reveals the more modern and stronger identity of the vehicle.

Lexus NX

Cockpit style cabin experience with the new NX

The new NX offers a completely new driving experience for drivers. The Tazuna cockpit concept, which Lexus first showed in the LF-30 Electrified concept, was transferred to production with the NX model.

Tazuna concept, which takes its name from a Japanese word describing the rider to control his horse using the reins, provides an intuitive ride with the understanding of "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road". The cockpit style, which further enhances the driving experience, gives the driver more confidence and helps make every ride more enjoyable.

With the Tazuna cockpit design, the multi-information display and the windshield reflective indicators can be easily read with minimal eye and head movement. With a similar understanding, the start button, gear lever, climate controls and driving mode selection buttons are positioned in the same place, providing an easy use.

Lexus NX

Luxurious lounge comfort

The cabin of the new NX has been designed to offer high comfort to all passengers, including the driver. In the cabin, which is arranged to evoke the feeling of a luxury lounge, the Takumi Masters' high craftsmanship and Lexus' Omotenashi hospitality philosophy are blended with higher comfort and new technologies.

Lexus has presented a perfectionist cabin by paying attention to all details in the new generation NX, as it does in every model. The front seats, which are designed to provide the highest comfort on the road and the best lateral support in order not to sway in the corners, are also shaped to provide better posture.

In addition to luxury and comfort, NX has not compromised on practicality. Offering more luggage space for daily use, NX has a volume of 545 liters when the rear seats are in their normal position and 1436 liters when the rear seats are folded. The lower part of the trunk can be used to carry various tools and small objects. In the plug-in hybrid NX, there is a place for the charging cable in this area, so there is no loss of volume from the luggage area.

NX customers can use the fast and quiet electric tailgate feature to reach the luggage area. The electric tailgate takes, on average, only about four seconds to open and close.

The new NX model uses a completely new, faster and more feature-packed multimedia platform. You can choose a 9.8-inch touchscreen or a 14-inch high-definition display, which is one of the NX's largest displays in its class. The Wi-Fi-compatible Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection system allows smart phones to be easily integrated into the vehicle. In addition, the 17-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround System, which has been specially developed for a higher sound quality experience, is also offered in higher versions.

Riding NX turned into a ceremony

Lexus' Omotenashi hospitality philosophy begins as the driver approaches the NX and turns into a ceremony. As the driver approaches the vehicle, the door handles, ground lights and daytime running lights start to come on, and the instrument panel lights come on when the door is opened. The silhouette of the NX is shown in the multi-information display when the door is closed, and the start button vibrates when the brake pedal is pressed. An animation with graphics and sound is started with the start of the vehicle. With all these details, users are provided with a special experience every time they get on the NX.

The Lexus Mood feature, which makes the NX's cabin warmer and more elegant, allows choosing the right light effect for every journey. The footwell, door panels and ambient lights in the center console can be selected from 64 different color themes.

Lexus NX


A Lexus first: Electronic door opening system – E-Latch

The new NX is the first Lexus model to be equipped with an electronic door release system. This electronic system includes a button located on the door panel near the armrest instead of the traditional interior door handle. Its ease of use in one smooth and simple motion was inspired by the traditional fusuma sliding paper curtain room divider doors in Japanese homes.

Safe Exit Assistant Thanks to its feature, it detects when a vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle comes from behind at the time of door opening and prevents the door from being opened. On the outside, there is a small button on the inside of the fixed door handle.

Lexus NX

Advanced safety technologies and driver assistants

The new NX also stands out as the first Lexus model to be equipped with the third generation Lexus Safety System +. Featuring comprehensive active safety features and driver assistants, NX sets new standards for detecting and preventing accident risk. The advanced Forward Collision Avoidance System of the new NX can also identify stationary objects such as motorcycles, animals and trees, walls, both during the day and at night. In addition, it makes driving safer and more comfortable with features such as Emergency Steering Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist.

Working together with the electronic door opening system E-Latch and a first in the automotive industry, the Safe Exit Assistant detects when a vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle comes from behind and prevents the door from being opened at the time of door opening. The digital interior mirror offers the driver a wider field of vision.

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