Meaningful Project for Alzheimer's Patients by Eyüp Sabri Tuncer

Meaningful Project for Alzheimer's Patients by Eyüp Sabri Tuncer
Meaningful Project for Alzheimer's Patients by Eyüp Sabri Tuncer

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer started the 'Refreshes the Memories' social responsibility project for Alzheimer's patients and their relatives with the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey. The project aims to both refresh our memories with scents and draw attention to Alzheimer's disease. Within the scope of the project, the income from the 'Memories Cologne' products offered for sale on the website will contribute to the Day Living Houses affiliated with the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey.

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer has achieved many innovations and firsts in the sector by protecting nature and carrying our values ​​to the future. Stating that they are the first cosmetics brand in Turkey to have vegan and vegetarian certificates, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Marketing Director Pelin Tuncer expressed the value of the brand with the following words:

“We aim to maintain the reliability, loyalty, continuity and prestige we inherited from our deep-rooted past as a world brand and always be the best.”


Eyüp Sabri Tuncer has been giving priority to the field of health in addition to the projects it has carried out in different fields such as education, culture-arts and sports since 1923. Pelin Tuncer stated that they want to refresh the memories that make us happy with the 'Refreshes the Memories' project.

“As the leading brand in Turkish fragrance history, starting a social responsibility project based on fragrance created a great excitement and happiness for us. As a brand that has made accessible cosmetic products that value the individual and society and do not harm the environment for 98 years, we are aware of the importance of establishing a link between tradition and the future. At this point, the 'Refreshing the Memories' project has become a project that overlaps with both the values ​​we carry and the tradition we represent, and our brand is honored.”


Emphasizing that the strongest memory for humans is the sense of smell, and that we can identify the good memories of our childhood and youth with smells, Tuncer continued as follows:

“The most distinctive feature of Alzheimer's disease is that patients remember the distant past, not the present. Contributing to an awareness campaign based on this connection between scent and memories is really valuable for us. We want to “refresh the memories” with our scents, with this journey that we embarked on with the slogan “Refreshes Life” of our brand.”

Pelin Tuncer conveyed her contributions to this project, which they support as a brand that both represents the past and tradition and keeps up with the times in Turkey:

“Within the scope of the project, we donate to the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey with the cologne products called “Memories” purchased on the website. In this way, we contribute to the Day Living Houses of the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey. We are very happy and excited to share our 98 years of experience with such a project and to be instrumental in refreshing the memories that make us happy.”


Providing information about Alzheimer's disease and the project, President of the Alzheimer's Association of Turkey Prof. Dr. Başar Bilgiç drew attention to the importance of the 'Refresh Memories' project for patients and their relatives.

prof. Dr. Bilgiç said that they are very happy to meet Eyüp Sabri Tuncer in such a project and that with the income to be obtained, an important support will be provided to Gündüz Yaşam Evleri. The aim of our Day Living Houses is to enable individuals with Alzheimer's disease to spend quality time, to connect them to life with mental rehabilitation works, and to delay the progression of the disease by increasing their quality of life. At the same time, it is to lighten the heavy burden on the shoulders of individuals who care for Alzheimer's patients. In this sense, Day Living Houses are an important center for Alzheimer's patients and their relatives. I would like to thank Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, who supports these centers that stand on the basis of volunteerism, and everyone who will support us by buying the “Memories” cologne.

Stating that in the project, they wanted to emphasize that patients remember the smells of the past, Prof. Dr. Bilgic said the following on the subject:

“Alzheimer's patients both feel a sense of belonging with smells that remind them of the past, and they are happy by remembering their good old memories. When patients are happy, their relatives are also happy. In addition, with our project, we want to support patients with their hygiene-related problems. Especially in these days when the Kovid-19 pandemic is effective, we think that we will see positive results in terms of hygiene with the increase in the use of cologne by reviving old memories. In addition, the positive effects of fragrances on many people have been scientifically demonstrated. Even if it doesn't bring back memories, we think that fragrant colognes will have a positive effect on patients and will trigger them to think more calmly and positively with the aroma therapy effect.”


Stating that Alzheimer's develops due to the accumulation of certain proteins in the brain and tissue loss, Prof. Dr. Bilgic gave the following information:

“Alzheimer's patients cannot remember new things and learn new things while remembering older ones in the early stages of the disease. Patients especially have difficulty distinguishing between odors. Some studies even show that Alzheimer's risk can be detected by performing smell tests in older people. As the disease progresses, besides forgetfulness, problems begin to be experienced in finding direction, making decisions, and making calculations. It is a disease that ends with bedriddenness by adding physical problems such as swallowing and walking in the future.”


Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease, Prof. Dr. Bilgiç emphasized that current effective treatments only work in the early period and listed the following recommendations:

“We recommend that patients who experience mild forgetfulness in the very early period keep their diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes under control, if any. Apart from these, I can list suggestions such as physical exercises such as walking, losing excess weight if any, and eating a Mediterranean diet. It is also important for them to live a social life and spend more time with their friends and families. It is also very effective to engage in artistic activities, engage in intellectual work, and learn to play a new language or a musical instrument.”

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