9th Bosphorus Film Festival Has Started

Bogazici Film Festival Started
Bogazici Film Festival Started

The 9th Bosphorus Film Festival started with the opening night at Atlas 1948 Cinema and the screening of the movie “Not So Friendly Neighborhood” directed by Danis Tanovic.

The 9th Bosphorus Film Festival, organized by the Bosphorus Culture and Arts Foundation, with the contributions of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema, TRT's Corporate Business Partnership, the support of Global Communications Partner Anadolu Agency and the Institutional Host of Beyoğlu Municipality. s opening night. In the night where the festival program was also introduced, the first speech was made by Festival Artistic Director Emrah Kılıç. Stating that the festival got rid of the shadow of the pandemic this year, and that they offered a program full of international participants and moviegoers, Kılıç concluded his speech by thanking all the institutions and sponsors that supported the festival.

Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, on the other hand, stated that Beyoğlu is the heart of cinema and said, “It is a pleasure to reach the 9th edition of a festival whose successes increase every year. We will do our best for Turkish cinema.” said.

In his speech, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan stated that cinema is one of the important carriers of culture. Misbah stated that as the Ministry, they will continue to support the actors of the cinema sector together with the General Directorate of Cinema, and continued as follows; “Cinema is an art where two eyes witness, but essentially the essence is brewed. The image of life and human stories reflected on the screen, and the echo of each of us's heart, are in one place. Because cinema is polyphonic. The Bosphorus Film Festival has accomplished many successful projects with its international network in recent years. Today, with a new excitement, it will present films from many different parts of the world to the cinema lovers of Istanbul for 1 week. Congratulations to all involved.” said.

Honorary Award to Danis Tanovic

After the speeches, Oscar-Winning Bosnian director Danis Tanovic was given the “Honorary Award”.

The award was presented to Tanovic by Ogün Şanlıer, Chairman of the Bosphorus Film Festival and Bosphorus Culture and Arts Foundation. Şanlıer expressed that they are honored to host Danis Tanovic, one of the most important representatives of contemporary cinema, at the Bosphorus Film Festival, with his narrative that does not break away from the history, current issues, and culture of the society he lives in, but most importantly, his social memory.

Danis Tanovic, who received the “Honorary Award” from the festival, expressed that he was very happy to be in Istanbul and said, “My film to be screened tonight is a TRT co-production. I would like to thank TRT for all its support. It contains some local jokes, which may be a little difficult to understand, but I hope you get the message eventually.” said.

After the speeches and the presentation of the awards, the opening film of Danis Tanovic's “Not So Friendly Neighborhood” was screened. Ezgi Asik hosted the night.

The Crew of the Movie “Time for Impatience” Meets the Audience

One of the films of the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival National Feature Film Competition, “Time for Impatience” was screened today at Atlas 1948 Cinema with the participation of the film crew.

After the screening, the interview moderated by Rıza Oylum was attended by producer Feyzi Baran, director Aydın Orak, actors Rıza Sönmez, child actors Mirza Zarg and Mirhat Zarg, Ali Seçkiner Alici and Feride Çetin. Director Aydın Orak about the emergence of the film; “This story is a story with a history of 15 years, I started from a picture. I've seen a few kids trying to get into the site's pool. It waited for 15 years to evolve into something, I couldn't decide what it would be, the script process started in the last 5 years. We shot it before the pandemic, and then it was a long editing process for us during the pandemic. The film had its premiere in Warsaw last week. Here, too, we made its first screening in Turkey.” said.

One of the actors, Feride Çetin, stated that this movie is a Diyarbakır movie, that it has not been a movie that describes the city so well for a long time and that she thinks it will be appreciated in the cinema.

Ali Seçkiner Alici, who is among the actors, talked about the importance of the film; “For me, the most valuable aspect of the film is that it is a solidarity film, which I attach great importance to. I wish more examples.” said.

October 24 Program at the Festival

On the second day of the 9th Bosphorus Film Festival, the National Feature Film Competition and the International Feature Film Competition will be screened, as well as the Masterclass event by Bosnian director Danis Tanovic.

The Oscar-winning Bosnian director will meet with moviegoers at the Atlas 1948 Cinema at 14.00 at the “Masterclass: Danis Tanovic” event. In the 16.00 session; Ahmet Toklu's “Pota”, 18.30 session; In Ferit Karahan's “School Shaving” and 21.00 session; Semih Kaplanoğlu's films “Connection Hasan” will be screened.

moviegoers, Kadıköy In the cinema; In the 13.00 session; Wei Shujun's “Ripples Of Life” at 16.00; Chema Garcia Ibarra's “The Sacred Spirit”, 18.30 session; In Han Shuai's “Summer Blur” and 21.00 session; They will be able to watch Kiro Russo's “The Great Movement” films.

Tickets are on Mobilet!

At the Bosphorus Film Festival, which will last for 7 days, the film screenings will be physically held at the Atlas 1948 Cinema and Kadıköy It will take place in the cinema.

Festival tickets are on sale at mobilet.com for 13.00 TL for 16.00 and 10 sessions, 18.30 TL for 21.00 and 15 sessions, and 5 TL for short film screenings. In addition, tickets are available for Atlas 1948 Cinema and Kadıköy It can also be purchased at the cinema box office.

Important Information About Covid-19 Precautions

As of Monday, September 6, 2021, people who are not vaccinated; A PCR test with negative results has been made mandatory for the participation of our citizens in activities such as concerts, cinemas and theaters. In this framework, operators/organizers will be asked for a vaccinated/past disease (according to the period of scientific immunity after Covid19 disease) or a negative PCR test performed maximum 48 hours ago, via the HES code, at the entrance to the events. If the person has not had the disease or is not vaccinated or has a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.

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