Ways to Protect Psychological Health in 7 Items

ways to protect psychological health in substance
ways to protect psychological health in substance

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the concept of health as “Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” defines as. Experts underline that for a complete well-being, a person should be physically and mentally healthy as well as physically. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared 7 ways to protect psychological health.

Organize your life

According to experts, the most effective way to protect psychological health is through a regular and disciplined life model. Individuals have the opportunity to protect their psychological health to a large extent with a regular and disciplined life model that is not monotonous and routine.

Pay attention to your sleep patterns

Sleep is among the most important factors that greatly affect physical and psychological health and determine a person's quality of life. It is underlined that individuals who have good psychological health, are happy and know how to enjoy life should devote at least 8 hours to sleep.

Don't forget to exercise

It is known that doing sports has positive effects on psychological health as well as physical health. Individuals need to make sports a lifestyle in order to protect their psychological health. Experts recommend brisk jogging and long-distance walking outside, and push-ups, pull-ups, pilates and weight training to increase body resistance at home.

Try to eat healthy

According to experts, another factor that positively affects psychological health is healthy eating. It is seen that individuals who maintain their metabolism and body strength by preserving the balance of protein, carbohydrate and fiber and by feeding on fruits and vegetables are psychologically healthier.

Do a digital detox

Misleading information, negative agenda and cyber bullying exposed by social media platforms, whose number of users are increasing day by day and which has become a great power today, are among the factors that negatively affect psychological health. At this point, experts recommend that individuals reduce their use of social media and apply digital detox.

Reward yourself

The progress of work and social life within a certain routine and the monotonous way of life adversely affect psychological health. At this point, individuals' rewarding themselves at certain intervals, allocating time for hobbies and cultural and artistic activities that make them feel happy make significant contributions to psychology.

Manage your time and stress properly

Inability to manage stress and time in daily life; It can cause the individual to experience both physical, behavioral, emotional and psychological problems and to catch a chronic disease. In order to prevent these possible negativities, it is critical to identify the sources of stress and to take the necessary steps by identifying the obstacles in front of time management.

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