5.5 Million Fingerprints in the National System

million fingerprints in the national system
million fingerprints in the national system

The National Biometric Fingerprint System was integrated with the Immigration Registration System. The data of 5.5 million foreigners, mostly Syrian refugees, in Turkey were transferred to the system. Other institutions will also have access to the data in the common repository. Thus, transactions will be carried out instantly with people who enter the border illegally and need to be deported. Scanning on the system takes 2,5 seconds.

The National Biometric Fingerprint System, which made Turkey the 7th country in the world to develop its own biometric data algorithm, was made available to the General Directorate of Migration Management. The system has been started to be used in the execution of foreign affairs and transactions at the border gates. The data of 5.5 million foreigners in Turkey, mostly Syrian refugees, were transferred to the system.

610K Queries, 126K New Registrations

Since March 26, when the Migration Administration switched to the National Biometric Fingerprint System, 610 fingerprint inquiries have been made, and it has created 158 thousand 126 new records that have not been made before in the field. Registrations in the new system were completed flawlessly, with 36 people who have a notification obligation, especially regarding irregular migrants.

Mobile Controls

With the mobile service vehicles of the Migration Administration operating in the border regions, registration procedures can be carried out quickly, on line or off line, for deportation and mass immigration entering the border. With the widespread use of hand terminals, Afghan and Syrian refugees who have recently crossed the border are interrogated with the national biometric fingerprint system as soon as they enter the country and are captured, necessary actions can be taken against them and records are created.

Collaboration with the Ministry

Immigration Administration carries out a joint work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the scope of the system. The study, which is in the process of being completed, envisages recording the biometric fingerprint data of foreigners who apply for a visa to Turkey before they enter the country, at foreign missions. In this way, an important layer will be added to the border security by comparing the information received at our borders with the information received at the time of entry.

Scan in 2.5 Seconds

Thanks to the completion of the integration of the National Biometric Fingerprint System into the Immigration Administration system, it is possible to quickly access all demographic information, photographs, and previously existing information and records of the person being questioned. Queries in the data pool are completed in 2.5 seconds. Coordination with other institutions is ensured through the data system. All transactions pertaining to foreigners entering the border illegally and needing to be deported are managed in an integrated manner with law enforcement.

Biometric Records Taken and Saved

As of September 30, 2021 in Turkey; 1 million 222 thousand 674 have residence permit status, 31 thousand 334 have applied for protection, 3 million 715 thousand 913 are Syrians under temporary protection, 292 are foreigners who are victims of human trafficking, 109 thousand 708 are irregulars caught this year. There are 5 million 79 thousand 921 foreigners, including immigrants. In addition to these people whose biometric records have been completed, all foreigners caught as irregular immigrants who do not live with a certain status and permission are also recorded by taking their biometric fingerprints. Currently, there are approximately 5.5 million foreign registrations in GöçNet records.

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