34.4 Kilometer Mersin Metro will be built in 3 stages

kilometer Mersin metro will be built in stages
kilometer Mersin metro will be built in stages

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, who met with the headmen, said that they always have a close relationship with the headmen and they can easily convey any problem to him. Referring to the metro project at the meeting, Seçer said, "Let us have a promise to bring 3 kilometers of rail systems in 34.4 stages in total to the people of Mersin".

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Seçer met with the muhtars in the center of Mersin today, after the second regional meeting held yesterday on the occasion of October 19, Mukhtars' Day. The event, which was held in a hotel with the participation of the headmen of Mersin central districts and Tarsus and Çamlıyayla; In addition to President Seçer, CHP Mersin Deputy Cengiz Gökçel, district mayors and their representatives, council members and representatives of associations attended.

“The Metropolitan Municipality has done many services and continues to do so”

President Seçer emphasized that representatives from every political party and from every segment attended the meeting and said, “We are all one, we are together, we say we are all from Turkey, here we are”.

Stating that all headmen can reach him easily, Seçer said, “The headmen group we are together with today represents a population of approximately 75-80 percent of Mersin's population. The heart of the economy. Mersin center, Tarsus and Camliyayla. It has been 2,5 years since he took office, and the pandemic broke out in March 2020. Despite all these negativities, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has done and continues to do a lot of services by making the most of all the impossibilities, the scarce resources at its disposal, in the maximum and best way.

Explaining the services they have implemented one by one, Seçer said that they will finish the Tevfik Sırrı Gür Parking Lot in the Akdeniz district a few months later. Stating that the work on the cemeteries continues and they are building Community Centers in the neighborhoods, Seçer emphasized that they will revive the city center, move the service units of the municipality and that they want to demolish the Red Dark Blue Office Building and create a City Square instead. Stating that they are carrying out important works in the old city center, Seçer said that the restoration of Karamancılar Mansion and Gülnar Hotel has begun. Stating that they have expropriated the Butchers Bazaar and completely overhauled the Fish Market, Seçer said, “We are making Istiklal Street one-way. A large meeting was held recently. There, the relevant people, tradesmen, officials, chambers and everyone were interviewed. Everyone is in agreement, we will move Istiklal Street to the desired point in a very short time.”

Stating that there is a demand from many regions for the headman's buildings, Seçer listed the names of the completed neighborhoods one by one. Seçer said, “We cannot solve the property problem. We will quickly build our headman's buildings in every area where we have solved the property problem," he said.

“We will build the Transporters Complex and Truck Park in Huzurkent in a short time”

Seçer also touched upon the issue of the Transporters' Site and the Truck Park, and said, "The problem of the Transporters' Site has entered the solution phase with the contributions of the Akdeniz Municipality and Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council. We made a zoning change on a land there. Akdeniz Municipality also shows understanding, the process is currently ongoing. Mersin Metropolitan council members also helped us in this sense. Necessary zoning arrangements are made. In a short time, a very small part of the 94 decare area in Huzurkent will be set aside as a cemetery and we will build the Transporters' Complex and the Truck Park on approximately 80-85 decares of land.”

“In 2022, both Göçmen and Kipa Multi-Storey Crossroads will be finished”

Seçer talked about the works and projects one by one, such as multi-storey intersections, overpass, road construction and asphalting works, infrastructure works, renewal of street and group roads, and the 4th Ring Road, which was put into service. Announcing that the 3rd Ring Road will also be rebuilt in the dimensions of the 4th Ring Road, Seçer said, “As soon as the displacement works of MESKI are completed on 20 November, the Göçmen Storey Intersection will start. Maybe we will set a new record. The Hal Junction project is over, but we just bought Kipa, we are running a project. After the Immigrant Junction we will enter Kipa. In 2022, both Immigrant Junction and Kipa Multi-Storey Junction will be finished. Later, we will put Hal Junction on our agenda,” he said.

“Let it be our promise to bring 34,4 kilometers of rail systems to the people of Mersin”

Touching on the metro project and reminding that the rail systems period will start in Mersin on January 3, Mayor Seçer said, “I hope we will lay the foundation of the 13,4-kilometer underground metro between Mezitli old municipality building and old bus station. 2nd Stage, 3rd Stage, the project has been given and it is being worked on. Tram to the 8,4 kilometer university line, 3rd Stage; The level that enters the Akdeniz district and exits through the Taurus Mountains is 12,6 kilometers. Let it be our promise to bring 3 kilometers of rail systems to the people of Mersin in 34,4 stages in total," he said.

Seçer stated that 87 of the 73 new buses with CNG and environmentally friendly CNG they purchased have arrived, 14 of them will be delivered in the near future. He said that it will be made available to the people of Mersin.

“Make sure what I tell you is half of what we do and do”

Explaining the projects and services they have implemented in every field, Seçer said, “Be assured, what I am describing is half of what we do. We work everywhere. Our mukhtars are in cooperation with us. I am satisfied with our mukhtars, I am satisfied with the council members. As a mayor, we have some problems with our council, headmen and institutions, district municipalities and other state institutions, but we are satisfied with all of them. I hope they will be pleased with us, and this caravan of service will continue on its way and we will continue to do good works," he said.

President Seçer repeated his call to mukhtars to download the Teksin application to their phones.

After the speeches, Gıyasittin Kara, Head of Değirmendere District, presented a baggy salwar to President Seçer. During the dinner, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory Turkish Folk Music Ensemble took the stage. In the program colored with folk songs, President Seçer danced a halay with the headmen. At the end of the event, President Seçer took photos with all the headmen and gave gifts.

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