10-point Roadmap for Entrepreneurs

10-point Roadmap for Entrepreneurs
10-point Roadmap for Entrepreneurs

The business world and the methods of commerce are undergoing a transformation with technology. The meeting of creative ideas with informatics provides the birth of new companies in various sectors. 20 years ago, if we were told that the organization that will one day have the largest shopping volume in the world will achieve this without even opening a single physical store, or if we were told that the digital banks that carry out the world's largest financial transactions would realize this without a single physical branch of their own, we would probably have difficulty believing it.

Changing the way of doing business also provides entrepreneurs with a good idea the opportunity to establish a company and do business with minimal resources. For SMEs, startups and startups; Oya Öztürk, Marketing and Business Development Manager of WorqCompany, which gathers all professional services such as establishment operations, office solutions, financial reporting, accounting solutions in a single source, explained the roadmap for entrepreneurs.

Find a big, life-affirming problem that you can solve with technology

What solution proposal does your initiative produce that has not been presented before? In which area does it offer a value that will make people's lives easier? You should define the points that separate you from other startup ideas.

Investigate what's going on in the world

The idea that comes to your mind may have been implemented and working by another entrepreneur, probably somewhere in the world. This is not a problem. On the contrary, there is an example where you can see the right and wrong of the work. Learn lessons for yourself!

Focus on the components in your business that will create the greatest value (material and social)

You will believe that you can do many things on the way to success. Continually re-evaluating where the ultimate value is at these points and not spending too much time on secondary works and focusing on your main business will lead you to success.

Don't expect to have a physical workplace

We are in a period where business ideas that have continued with the same tradition for years have come to an end. We are witnessing the disappearance of physical costs and obligations with digitalization. With the digital company solutions of WorqCompany, your starting point for your business, you can continue to expand your business without establishing a physical infrastructure.

Choose your business partners well

When a startup idea is born, everyone gets excited about it and is ready to take the initiative. As the process progresses, disputes and problems may arise if you do not choose the right business partner.

By taking advantage of WorqCompany's expert support in company establishment processes, it is possible to establish the right partnership structures and to choose the most suitable package for your business, to successfully establish your infrastructure, and to monitor all your financial processes from a single platform.

Separate your professional life from your private life

One of the most attractive aspects of entrepreneurship is the flexibility of working hours and conditions. This makes it inevitable that private life and business life will be intertwined after a while. The most important step is not to carry private life to the business environment and the business environment to the private life, to prevent the problems that will occur later.

Be open to innovations

The world is changing very quickly with the effect of digitalization and the pandemic. Being able to keep up with the changes until one day they are in a position to create these changes is one of the most critical points that an entrepreneur should pay attention to on the way to success. Keeping abreast of the agenda and new developments will feed both the entrepreneur and the enterprise.

Build a good team

Even if you have a plan and roadmap to solve the big problem, you need a good and dynamic team to implement it and to follow up the work. Have people in your team who will assume the three basic functions of visionary, problem solver and technical solution. While you are developing your business idea, people who will take care of other business will lead you to success. Also, “what's wrong with one hand, two hands have a voice!”.

Don't be afraid to take controlled risks

Entrepreneurship equals risk, but the successful entrepreneur takes controlled risk. When people move from corporate life to entrepreneurship, they fall into the misconception that entrepreneurship is "easier". While growing your venture, you should always plan risk and not hesitate to take controlled risks. Remember, you cannot grow without difficulties!

Network is everything

Expanding your network gives you a place to consult or exchange ideas for work you can do in different fields. Do not hesitate to join networking meetings to express your opinion and meet new people.

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