Zaxe's State-of-the-Art 3D Printers Made Their Global Launch at Teknofest

zaxen's state-of-the-art d printers made their global launch at teknofest
zaxen's state-of-the-art d printers made their global launch at teknofest

While the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival Teknofest witnessed the parade of domestic technology products, 3D printers commissioned by Zaxe were showcased at the event. xLite+, Z2 and Z3 models with software, hardware and renewed designs developed by Zaxe's R&D team in a long time were introduced at Teknofest at the same time as world markets.

Teknofest, the aviation, space and technology festival held for the fourth time this year, opened its doors to visitors at Atatürk Airport on September 21, while the newest models of 600D printer company Zaxe, whose products are used in thousands of industrial establishments, as well as up to 3 educational institutions, will be at the event. presented to the participants. The innovative company, which draws attention with its end-to-end solutions for the 3D ecosystem, will present its 3 new products xLite+, Z2 and Z3 models, which will make Turkey proud in the field of technology, produced after long R&D studies, at the Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Fair at the same time as foreign markets. introduced.

X-series models of Zaxe, which has become one of the leading 2015D printer manufacturers in Turkey since its establishment in 3, starting with X1 and continuing with xlite, attracted great attention by individual users and Educational Institutions, while Z series printers are SMEs and industrial enterprises engaged in industrial production. It is used in every point from the R&D stage to production in organizations. Zaxe, which has expanded its product range with xLite+, Z2 and Z3 models after long-term studies, has started its plan to expand into global markets.

Zaxe's X and Z Series product families grow

The new member of the Z Series, one of Zaxe's professional FDM solutions, the Z3 has a larger print volume than its predecessors, and with its new software infrastructure, the printing speed, which is a major problem in the industry, has improved considerably. The Z series also carries many new features, especially fully automatic print calibration.

The xLite+ and Z2 models introduced by Zaxe at Teknofest also benefit from the company's new generation 3D printing technology, just like the Z3. The Z3 model, which is smaller in size than the Z2, is also more advantageous in terms of price. All three models were designed in line with the company's vision of making 3D printing technologies easier to use by responding to the individual needs of professional users.

Easy and effective use with Wi-Fi

Zaxe Founder Baki Gezgen said, “Our goal with our new printers is to create a brand new 3D ecosystem from software to hardware, from motherboard to design,” while Zaxe Co-Founder Aydonat Atasever said, “While implementing these three products, Zaxe is not in a position to import technology, but rather produces its own technology. and aimed to be at a point that exports abroad”.

Sharing the technical information of the products, Zaxe Managing Partner Emre Akıncı said, “Thanks to the Wi-Fi feature we added to our new xlite+ model, users will be able to receive online support from our technical team for installation and use, as well as the easy 3-step printing feature. Zaxe's Z1 and Z1 Plus models, which are already used and loved, have now turned into Z2 and Z3 models. There is an important difference here; Our Z2 and Z3 models are able to produce the products required by industrial production much faster and with lower tolerance than their competitors, thanks to their new software and hardware. On the other hand, another feature that the trade world will love is; It comes from the fact that these products offer price advantages compared to their equivalents in Europe and the USA.”

Xlite Plus technical specifications

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy to use
  • 22x23x20 cm print area
  • 5” Touchscreen

Z2 and Z3 specifications

  • High print quality
  • 20x20x25 cm print area (Z2)
  • 40x30x35 cm print area (Z3)
  • Innovative CoreXY mechanical system
  • E3D new print head system
  • New 7 inch touchscreen
  • HEPA filter system
  • Camera system following your prints
  • Special titanium print head that heats up to 300 degrees
  • Compatible with all industrial 3D printing filaments

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