You Shouldn't Gain Weight Again After Stomach Botox

you should not gain weight again after stomach botox
you should not gain weight again after stomach botox

General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Çetin Altunal gave information about the subject. Bimodal Stomach Botox; It is a method that is applied endoscopically in 15 minutes while you sleep with the support of the anesthesia team and you return to your normal life on the same day. It does not require hospitalization, stitches and dressings. It is aimed to lose weight in a healthy and easy way in the follow-up of a nutrition coach.

Uncontrollable obstacles to weight loss are not being satiated and not being able to control the appetite. The purpose here is; It is to make you feel full faster and to reduce your uncontrollable appetite.

Our aim in the non-surgical weight loss program is to save you from the weight you cannot lose, to protect you from the risks of the surgery and to prevent hospitalization processes.

A team work and your willingness are indispensable conditions for success in the non-surgical weight loss program. We know that nowadays; No method, including surgical methods, will give results if you do not agree with weight loss. If you think I can get through this process if I am ready and get professional support this time, the process will be suitable for you.

Who is it suitable for?

  • 18-55 years old
  • Those with a Body Mass Index over 25
  • Those who cannot manage hunger and carbohydrate crises
  • Those who have difficulty in dieting because of their appetite

After the procedure, you will be given a healthy nutrition program and you will be followed up on nutrition and weight for 6 months free of charge.

Regardless of the weight loss method, the indispensable part; is to learn and maintain proper nutrition and correct mobility.

It is to add the concepts of correct nutrition and correct mobility to your life with the support of a nutrition coach after the procedure. If you maintain these concepts, it is not expected to regain the lost weight. If you abandon the principles of healthy eating and mobility and go back to your old habits, no method, including tube stomach, will provide you with permanent weight loss.

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