Why is First Aid Important? What Should Be in the First Aid Kit?

why first aid is important what should be in first aid kit
why first aid is important what should be in first aid kit

In recent years, there have been many natural disasters both in our country and in the world. Forest fires, floods, extreme temperatures, heavy rains and severe hurricanes cause serious damage to both natural life and living things and human life. Although there are many measures to be taken in the long term to prevent these natural disasters that occur as a result of global warming and climate change, it is also of great importance to manage the moment of disaster correctly and to minimize the destruction. In this sense, saving lives becomes very important and a priority. Although most people know the importance of first aid in times of disaster, first aid intervention can be inadequate.

Why is first aid important?

In an accident, natural disaster or in a sudden developing situation that endangers life, the applications that are made without the need for medical tools or drugs to save the life of the person in need of help or to prevent the situation from getting worse, until the medical teams arrive at the scene, are called first aid. .

A substantial proportion of permanent injuries or deaths occurring in adverse situations such as accidents or natural disasters result from mistakes made in an environment of panic and turmoil. Incorrect transportation, making the injured person drink water in cases where water should not be drunk, or causing blood loss by removing any material stuck in the body are some of the examples of wrong interventions. In fact, it is possible to save the lives of many people and facilitate the work of the health personnel who come to the scene, thanks to very simple and correct interventions. Thanks to the first aid training given by the Red Crescent in our country, you can be one of the people who can save lives in an emergency and unexpected situation in a short time like 16 hours.

What is World First Aid Day?

World First Aid Day is celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of September every year. The aims of World First Aid Day, which is celebrated on Saturday, September 11 this year; To increase the awareness of the public about first aid and to make them realize the importance of learning first aid, to encourage and motivate people to learn first aid, to attract the attention and support of both the press and the public about first aid.

It also organizes events in our country for the First Aid Day, which has been celebrated in 2003 countries at the same time since 188 and draws attention to problems with a different theme every year.

What Should Be in the First Aid Kit?

First aid kits are mandatory in the vehicles. Thanks to the first aid kit, in the event of a traffic accident, people who know first aid can quickly intervene to the person injured in the accident. However, the natural disasters that have been experienced frequently both in our country and in the world recently reminded once again the importance of having the first aid kit instantly accessible.

There are many helpful items in the first aid kit, from bandage to scissors, from a needle to a flashlight. In general, the materials that should be in a first aid kit can be listed as follows:

  • Three triangular bandages
  • Two large bandages (10 cm x 3-5 m)
  • A box of hydrophilic gas sterile (10×10 cm box of 50)
  • One antiseptic solution (50 ml) One patch (2 cm x 5 m)
  • One esmark bandage
  • One turnstile (At least 50 cm of braided material)
  • Ten safety pins
  • One small scissors (stainless)
  • Ten Band-Aids
  • One aluminum burn cover
  • airway hose
  • One breathing mask
  • Two pairs of medical gloves
  • One flashlight

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