What is Wagon Transportation? What are the Advantages of Block Train Transportation?

what is wagon transport and what are the advantages of block train transport
what is wagon transport and what are the advantages of block train transport

Block Train Transportation is the transportation method that is carried out without changing the locomotive or wagon in any way, from the station where the specified loads are loaded to the station where they will arrive. What is Wagon Transportation? What are the Types of Wagon Transportation? What is Container Block Train Transportation? Block Train Transportation Prices

During the block train transportation, which is one of the most preferred transportation methods, loading or unloading is not done at the stations located outside the route. As Pacific Eurasia, we take into account the needs of our customers and provide quality and reliable block train transportation services.

What are the Advantages of Block Train Transportation?

There are different advantages brought by block train transportation. One of these advantages is that it provides the opportunity to transport heavy and high-volume loads at much more affordable prices. Especially when long distance transportation will be made, block train transportation offers the best services you can get in terms of price and performance.

Another advantage you can have with block train transportation is that you do not encounter any problems such as being stuck in traffic or having a waiting time. Because the trains on which the loads are loaded will be obliged to deliver the loads to the destination as soon as possible by operating only on the specified routes. In addition, since there are fixed voyage times on these journeys, you can find clear information about how long your cargo will be delivered.

The number and capacity of wagons is the most important part of block train transportation. As the number and capacity of wagons increase, the amount of cargo carried increases. In this way, much more loads can be transported at once.

Block Train Container Transportation

As Pacific Eurasia, we provide block train container transportation services to many different points of the world in line with the expectations and needs of our customers, with wagon options with different capacities. With our cooperation with our strong railway partners, we continue to follow up your cargo in a quality and safe manner from the loading stage to the delivery stage and complete the process.

What is Wagon Transportation?

Wagon transport is the transport of the specified cargoes by stacking them on wagons, with the shortest definition. The products we can transport using this method vary widely. Wagon transportation can be preferred for household goods, industrial products, livestock and fertilizer transportation, transportation of coal mines and other mines, and construction materials such as iron, sand, pipes.

What are the Types of Wagon Transportation?

There are different types of wagons you can choose when you want to transport your cargo by train. These wagons have various differences both in capacity and in structure. When it comes to block train transportation, the first of the wagon types that come to mind are covered wagons, sliding side-walled wagons, high-sided wagons and platform wagons. Among these, you can transport different products, from industrial products to household goods, from livestock to foodstuffs, with the sliding side-walled wagon type. Thanks to high-sided wagons, mostly building materials and mines are transported. In other words, it is the most preferred type of wagon for raw material transportation.

Advantages of Railroad Transportation Compared to Other Transportation Types

Railway transportation has been one of the most preferred transportation methods from the past to the present. The most important difference that distinguishes block train transportation and other transportation methods is that much more cargo can be transported at the same time. In this method, as the number of wagons and their capacities increase, the amount of cargo that can be transported also increases.

Another superior aspect of block train transportation is that the voyage times are certain. Whether you want to send cargo to European or Middle Eastern countries, you can act by knowing the arrival time of your cargo. Thus, you can make a healthy planning and manage your transportation services accordingly.

Railway transportation is the best method that can be preferred especially for the transportation of heavy loads. It is possible to transport the weights that are difficult or impossible to be transported by plane or any vehicle with wagons. For this reason, if you want to transport heavy cargo, you can get support from us in this regard and ensure that your cargo is transported in the shortest time and in the best way.

Container Block Train Transportation

There are many methods that people prefer to send their cargo from their location to different parts of the world. Block train transportation, which is one of them, provides many benefits to both people who receive transportation services and those who provide this service.

In block train transportation, there is no transfer or wagon change from the station where the loads are loaded to the destination station. However, no load is taken from any intermediate station, and there is no such thing as taking or giving loads from other trains. Thanks to the block train transportation service you will receive from Pacific Eurasia, you can transport your loads by using your resources in a much more convenient way.

Block train transportation is an important factor that combines efficient resource use and low cost among transportation types. Thanks to our block train network that can reach various points in the world, we deliver your cargo to dozens of different points from European countries to Middle East countries without any problems. In this field, where our goal is to increase customer satisfaction and provide better quality service, we ensure that your cargo is tracked by moving forward in a planned manner.

Block Train Transportation (Freight Train) Prices

Block train transportation, which is one of the methods that comes to mind when transportation is mentioned, is one of the best methods you can choose in terms of price and performance. It is a frequently preferred method as it has a much higher load carrying capacity in one go.

Block train transportation price tariffs vary depending on different factors. At the beginning of these factors are the distance to be covered and the amount of loads. When the distance to be traveled by train increases, the price tariff to be applied will also change. However, the type and amount of cargo you want to carry has a very important place. Accordingly, wagon selection is made and your cargo is stacked and transported in the most convenient and reliable way.

You can get help from our professional team to get detailed information about price schedules, arrival times and much more of block train transportation. You can get answers by asking all the questions in your mind and benefit from our transportation services. You can get detailed information by contacting the Pacific Eurasia family, which provides quality service in the field of block train transportation, as in other types of transportation.

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