TransAnatolia Rally Raid Race Starts in Eskişehir in Its 11th Year

TransAnatolia Rally Raid Race Year Starts in Eskisehir
TransAnatolia Rally Raid Race Year Starts in Eskisehir

In TransAnatolia Rally Raid, which will take place between 11-18 September 2021, race lovers await an adventurous race from Eskişehir, the apple of the eye of Anatolian civilizations, to Kars, Turkey's emerald crown.

Organized with the permission of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and with the support of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, TransAnatolia Rally Raid, Turkey's first and only, and one of the world's largest and most challenging races, will celebrate its 11th anniversary with the ceremonial start to be held on Saturday, September 11 at 17.00:14 in Eskişehir Odunpazarı. then, passing through 2.300 provinces, its 18 km route will be completed in Kars on XNUMX September.

This year, 39 motorcycles, 18 cars, 4 SSVs, 5 cars from Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK were held in the organization, which was held with the contributions of Korlas (Ducati), Eti, Spor Toto, General Tire, Castrol, Anlas, Izeltaş, Fikirmedia, Anafarta and Jules Verne. A total of 3 vehicles and 69 racers, including quads and 94 trucks, will compete.

TransAnatolia General Coordinator Burak Büyükpınar said, “Our goal in this path that we started 11 years ago as an organization is; our homeland, which is almost a paradise with its history and nature; Our aim was to facilitate the participation of local and foreign racers in our international rally organizations, and to help more athletes know our country. We have never strayed from this goal, we have gone through difficult times many times in 11 years, but we did not give up and we realized this organization by saying that continuity is essential.” He said, “We held the first international race organization that took place in the pandemic, with the Covid-19 measures we took under pandemic conditions and the strict rules we applied last year. While the pandemic conditions continued this year, forest fires that deeply affected our country were added to it. We are very happy that the fires are under control. In these difficult days, we will continue to introduce the fascinating geography of our country to our domestic and foreign athletes by working, producing and without deviating from our goal. We wish our participants success.” he concluded his speech.

Colored road notes will be used for the first time this year in TransAnatolia. In addition, thanks to Stella, the most advanced satellite tracking system used in the most important races of the world, maximum security measures have been taken for the athletes this year.

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