New Megane E-Tech Electric Unveiled at Munich Motor Show

new megane e tech electric took the stage
new megane e tech electric took the stage

📩 06/09/2021 17:08

With its design and versatility, the new Megane E-TECH continues the legacy of the Megane legend, which has created a long-term success story with four different generations in 26 years. The model, which was introduced at the Munich Motor Show, has compact dimensions from the outside, while offering a comfortable width inside. Coming with the new connected infotainment system OpenR, the New Megane E-TECH Electric will have a range of 60 KM with its 470 KWh slim design battery.

Renault, one of the leading brands of electric vehicle technology, transferred its expertise of more than 400 years to New Megane E-TECH with 10 thousand vehicles sold and 10 billion "e-kilometers" covered so far. Inspired by the MORPHOZ concept car of 2019 and then heralded with the Megane eVision in 2020, this car goes beyond expectations with its stylish and elegant style. The rules of the game are being rewritten with the CMF-EV platform developed by the Alliance. Carrying the brand's new logo, the model symbolizes Renault's transformation. The vehicle, which is produced by Europe's leading electric vehicle center ElectriCity, is the first of the Generation 2.0 electric vehicles. Introduced at the Munich Motor Show, the New Megane E-TECH, which was opened for pre-order, will start ordering in February 2022 in Europe and will go on sale in March.

The new Megane E-TECH Electric is an icon of the new electric vehicle world. Accordingly, the vehicle is offered as part of a comprehensive ecosystem that includes optimized connectivity solutions with advanced technology software and hardware developed to enable the vehicle to offer new experiences.

Luca de MEO, CEO of Groupe Renault, said: “The new Megane represents the electric revolution Renault started nearly 10 years ago. The model, which does not compromise on efficiency and driving pleasure, democratizes electric vehicle technology by making it accessible. “The new Megane was imagined and emerged as the GTI of electric vehicles.”

Designed with electric DNA

Leveraging a platform designed for electric vehicles, the New Megane E-TECH Electric comes to life with the design language of electric "exciting technology". This design language gives the new model an elegant yet powerful character. Spacious interior and renewed ergonomics come together to offer passengers a better experience.

The design language that keeps up with the transformation of the brand gains a more technological structure. The design approach, which preserves all the sensory features behind the success of the car, also includes some technological elements such as micro-optical LED lights and OpenR display. There are laser engraving details on the ventilation grilles and lower door protection grilles belonging to the world of hi-fi design.

Lines such as the rounded shoulder lines, the wings on the sides of the headlights and the curved hood line are subtly executed and combined with precision. The blade decorations on the front and rear bumpers and the side air intakes on the front bumper also reflect the applied design approach. The door handles and closed grille, which automatically pop up when unlocked, give it a flush, modern feel. The 'Exciting technology' approach applied also increases the perception of quality.

With its long wheelbase (2,70 meters wheelbase and 4,21 m overall length) and reduced front and rear axle overhangs provided by the new CMF-EV modular platform, the New Megane E-TECH Electric exhibits unparalleled body proportions. These body proportions give designers the opportunity to design a powerful car with an ingenious footprint. The battery is thinner than ever at 110mm. So designers are reducing the center of gravity for more fun and an exhilarating driving experience while increasing the car's interior space and footprint. The new Megane E-TECH Electric combines a compact design with control with a height (1,50 m). Thus, when viewed from the outside, the spaciousness and spaciousness of the interior are clearly felt.

Details that belong directly to the world of crossovers, such as the 20-inch wheels, the underside protective tapes, the fender linings and the high shoulder line feel strong and solid. The lowering roofline, increased track width and flat door handles give it the look of a coupe. Cabin height, width and luggage volume are reminiscent of traditional hatchback architecture.

The basic approach to the design process of the new Megane E-TECH Electric is based on improving aerodynamic performance. All the details, such as the height of the vehicle, the thin-floor tires, the front air intakes and the character lines on the bumper edges, give the vehicle a modern feel while helping to increase fuel efficiency at the same time.

New light signature

Laser-cut full LED lighting used on the front and rear of the new Megane E-TECH Electric offers a modern look. The light signature, including the central logo, creates an exciting visual feast. At the front, it stretches between the two daytime running light projectors, continuing up to the side vents. At the back, details positioned in diagonal lines create an intriguing 3D-like glow effect.

The new Megane E-TECH Electric detects the user holding the vehicle's key card within 1 meter. Starting in the middle, the vehicle initiates a series of moving, flowing lights, including headlights, daytime running lights and turn signals. All versions of the new Megane E-TECH Electric also have hidden door handles. The hidden door handles automatically pop out of the body when the driver or front passenger approaches to open the door or unlocks it. Two minutes after the car moves or the doors are locked, the door handles are hidden back into place.

new model; It will be available in six eye-catching and elegant body colors: Rafale Grey, Schist Grey, Midnight Blue, Fire Red, Diamond Black and Ice White.

Life in the cabin is being reshaped

Rising on the CMF-EV platform, the New Megane E-TECH Electric takes advantage of the platform to offer the largest interior space according to its footprint. Driver and passengers enjoy the new OpenR display's approach to optimum comfort and modernity.

In the new Megane E-TECH Electric, the feeling of spaciousness when opening the door and getting into the vehicle draws attention. CMF-EV platform; With its increased wheelbase, smaller engine compartment containing air-conditioning components, and a more compactly designed front console, it helps to increase the overall spaciousness and practicality of the car. Thus, passengers can enjoy extra spaciousness in the center console and under the instrument panel area. In addition, since the shaft tunnel, gear lever and control panel are not usually integrated into the center console, the space gained is utilized for the comfort and convenience of the passengers.

OpenR incorporates all technologies for Renault's new generation electric vehicles and stands out as the most attractive point of the New Megane E-TECH Electric's interior. First seen on the TreZor (2016), SYMBIOZ (2017) and MORPHOZ (2019) concept cars, the new OpenR display combines the digital instrument cluster and center console infotainment system display in an inverted 'L' shape.

The OpenR display features a reinforced glass surface that is a pleasure to touch and look at. The screen brightness and reflectivity have been optimized to provide a clear view even in direct sunlight, and are enhanced with an anti-reflective coating. In this way, as there is no need for a visor, space is saved and a more modern and fluid appearance is obtained.

The new interior sound design, new warning sounds for pedestrians outside the vehicle and the all-new premium sound system by Harman Kardon offer a new generation sound experience.

The interior of the new Megane E-TECH Electric is also inspired by the home decor world, with a variety of recycled materials that give it a nice and homely feel.

More storage space, ergonomics and comfort

The MULTI-SENSE button is integrated into the steering wheel. This creates space for a very large 7-litre storage compartment in the middle of the two front seats. Large enough to store a handbag or other large items that need easy access. It can also be used to store various accessories that everyone in the car can use and easily access. There are two 55-liter cup holders and a 2-liter storage space under the 3 mm sliding center armrest. The new Megane E-TECH Electric offers best-in-class value with a total storage space of 30 liters. The trunk, on the other hand, offers a volume of 440 liters.

The center armrest, which houses two USB-C sockets and a 12V socket and can be moved back and forth, makes life easier. Behind my center armrest are two more USB-C sockets for rear seat passengers. Depending on version, electric and heated front seats with lumbar support are offered. There's also a piano-type button at the bottom of the infotainment screen and a smartphone dock with wireless charging capability.

The full LED ambient lighting in the new Megane E-TECH Electric is based on the human body's biological clock to offer optimum peace of mind in the cabin. lighting in the cockpit; The front panel is provided by light strips running along the door panels and smartphone dock. The lighting is different during the day and night and changes color every 30 minutes.

A completely new way to enjoy driving

The new Megane E-TECH Electric offers a unique driving experience thanks to an agile platform and dynamic powertrain system that responds instantly to acceleration orders. In addition, thanks to innovative battery solutions, maximum range, comfort and safety come with it.

While designing the CMF-EV platform, it was aimed to offer lively driving sensations without sacrificing the comfort of the chassis apart from the traction power of the electric motor. The hydraulic steering system, with a steering ratio of 12, offers extremely agile driving and high feedback. Thus, the new Megane E-TECH Electric responds instantly to steering movements and makes maneuvering easier. The driving position directly affects the driving feel. The low driving position in the all-new Megane E-TECH Electric best reflects the dynamic feel of the car's chassis and engine.

Developed by Renault engineers, the patented 'Cocoon Effect Technology' provides an unmatched level of sound comfort, even for an electric car, which is extremely quiet while driving.

Taking electric vehicle performance to a new dimension

The new Megane E-TECH Electric takes the pleasure of driving an electric vehicle to a whole new level with its electric motor that produces 160 kW of power and 300 Nm of torque in the top version and supports efficiency with its four-level regenerative braking function. The electric drive synchronous motor (EESM) has been used by the Renault Group and the partnership for the past ten years and will continue to serve in the future. It produces more power compared to a permanent magnet motor and reduces the environmental impact and cost of large-scale production as it is free of earth metals.

The engine, which has a compact structure thanks to its optimized design, is 145% lighter compared to ZOE's engine with 10 kg despite higher power and torque production. There are two different power levels: 96 kW (130 hp) and 250 Nm of torque, as well as 160 kW (218 hp) and 300 Nm of torque. The new Megane E-TECH Electric, which provides all the pleasures of electric car driving with its smooth and dynamic instant acceleration performance, reaches 0 to 100 km / h in just 7,4 seconds.

The new Megane E-TECH Electric; It fulfills this requirement with two different battery options, 40 kWh and 60 kWh, innovative energy management systems and numerous charging solutions. It offers two different battery options: 300 kWh for a range of 40 km (WLTP cycle) and 470 kWh for a range up to 60 km (WLTP cycle depending on version).

The new Megane E-TECH Electric is equipped with a 395 kg battery that fits the CMF-EV platform like an electric motor. At 110 mm, 40% thinner than the ZOE battery, the battery is the thinnest on the market. The thin battery allows for a lower and more aerodynamic body at 1,50 meters.

The regenerative brake, which is active when the gear lever is in the D position, collects the energy generated when the car decelerates (lifting the foot off the accelerator pedal) and converts it into electrical energy, helping to increase battery efficiency and range while using the brakes less.

Each time the car brakes, the battery collects energy. However, no matter how the car is used, the new Megane E-TECH Electric increases efficiency with its optimized brake energy recovery system.

A uniquely connected experience

The new Google-backed OpenR Link infotainment system provides accessible and user-friendly applications and services with the technologies it incorporates, and is always up to date. The system provides a smartphone or tablet-like connectivity experience.

The OpenR Link system is powered by the Android Automotive Operating System, which is based on the Android operating system. In addition to navigation with Google Maps and Google Assistant, OpenR Link supports many Google Play apps developed by third-party developers. In the 12-inch version, in addition to the main screen (with Google Maps navigation), the interface; It is personalized to include two widgets such as charging, energy flow, air quality, tire pressure, music. The interface in the 9-inch version has a screen split between four widgets.

High level of security

The new Megane E-TECH Electric offers 26 different ADAS features that make life easier for other stakeholders in traffic, apart from passengers, and are divided into three categories: driving, parking and safety. The new Megane E-TECH Electric takes Renault's renowned Highway and Congestion Guidelines to the next level. A contextual ADAS can monitor what's going on at fast speeds and help the driver cope with obstacles they may encounter. Positioned as level 2 autonomous driving, the system is now referred to as Active Driving Assistant. Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) and Blind Spot Warning System (BSW) help reduce the likelihood of collisions.

One of the highlights, Emergency Lane Keeping Assist works when crossing a line between 65 km/h and 160 km/h (vehicle's maximum speed), if there is a risk of side collision or when you are about to leave the road. Passenger Safe Exit (OSE) warns the passenger visually and audibly to avoid a possible collision with an oncoming vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle when opening the door to get out of the vehicle.

Surround View Monitor 3D uses four cameras to produce a 3D model of the vehicle and visualize its immediate surroundings 360°. The Fully Automatic Parking feature is a further development of the semi-automatic parking system Easy Park Assist. In this example, the driver does not have to be involved in the drive, whether gears, accelerator or brakes, and the system operates almost completely autonomously.

In addition, more comfort and peace of mind are provided by the Smart Rear View Mirror. The system works via a camera located at the top of the rear window and transmits a real-time image of the road behind in the vehicle's interior rear view mirror, providing an additional completely unobstructed view to the side mirrors.

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