The Ministry of Transport Will Not Transfer the Under Construction Metros in Istanbul to IMM

the ministry of transport will not transfer the metros under construction in istanbul to ibby
the ministry of transport will not transfer the metros under construction in istanbul to ibby

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which came to the fore with the change of the metro symbol in Istanbul, has 37,5 kilometers long Gayrettepe Airport with 9 stations and 31,5 kilometers long 7 stations. Halkalı- It was alleged that he was preparing not to transfer the airport metro lines to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). It is stated that the Ministry is preparing to establish a company to operate the metro lines, and that it has transferred a large number of personnel from the İBB subsidiary Metro Istanbul A.Ş. with high salaries.

“There was no request to IMM for two lines”

İsmail Arı from BirGün newspaper according to the newsStating that the Ministry of Transport is in preparation to operate the metro lines, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department Head Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkokin He made the following statement:

“The Ministry of Transport has five underground metro projects under construction in Istanbul. 3 of them are IBB Metro Istanbul A.Ş. Lines that are fully integrated with signals and vehicles into the metro network operated by In other words, it is the continuation and extension of the existing metro lines, and the signal and vehicle tests were carried out by Metro Istanbul A.Ş. management and will be handed over to IMM to be operated when completed. The Ministry of Transport and IBB are in talks for the test and commissioning processes of these three lines. When these lines are completed, their costs will be deducted by 5 percent from the shares to be allocated over the total collection of IMM's general budget tax revenues and transferred to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. and it is said that a company will be established for it. For this reason, many technical staff resigned from Metro Istanbul A.Ş. in the last two years to move to this company. There was no request from the Ministry of Transport to IMM for the test and commissioning processes and operation of these two lines.

Orhan Demir, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation of IMM, said:

“The Ministry has built many subways so far and has not applied to put different subway symbols. I think they will not hand over the Gayrettepe metro line now. This line will be operated by the Ministry itself, so it looks like it has chosen another metro emblem for itself.

Since the other metro works carried out by the Ministry are integrated with the Istanbul metro and are the continuation of our lines, they have to hand it over to us in terms of operation. Gayrettepe-Airport metro, which is stated to be opened soon, is not a continuation of any of our lines. A stand-alone subway line. As far as I know, the Ministry of Transport is establishing a company to operate this metro line. They transferred some of our employees at Metro A.Ş. with high salaries. We know that President Erdoğan's signature is awaited for the establishment of the company.”



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