Why was TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun dismissed?

tcdd general manager ali ihsan appropriate was dismissed
tcdd general manager ali ihsan appropriate was dismissed

CHP's Ahmet Akın evaluated the dismissal of TCDD General Manager and Chairman Ali İhsan Uygun and the appointment of Abdülkerim Murat Atik to replace him.

According to the news of Erdem Sevgi from Cumhuriyet, CHP's Ahmet Akın, TCDD General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali İhsan Uygun's dismissal, coinciding with the postponed opening date of the Ankara-Sivas YHT line upon security warnings, stated that it is meaningful, "The government has given the opening date 6 times and postponed Ankara-Sivas. It was aiming to put the YHT line into service on September 4. The fact that the 20-kilometer section of the line, which corresponds to approximately 80 percent of the line, was composed of old rails, brought up the possible risk of accident. In this context, we have informed the public that the government will put the line into service just to make an opening and that it invites accidents. We emphasized that the opening should not be made before the line is completed.”

Pointing out that the opening was quietly postponed after their warnings, CHP's Ahmet Akın used the following statements:

“It is claimed that the postponement was at the request of TCDD bureaucrats, who opposed the opening due to the security risk, despite the insistence of the Presidency. If this claim is true, it is very meaningful that the decision to dismiss coincides with the postponement of the inauguration on the same day. TCDD, one of the most strategic and important public institutions of our country during the AK Party government, started to be remembered with the biggest train accidents in the history of Turkey. The pain of the Çorlu train disaster in 2018, in which 25 of our citizens lost their lives, is still fresh. The accidents that happened one after another during the AK Party period on the railways, which are considered to be the safest transportation system in the world, made the safety of the railways in our country controversial. In this context, it is imperative that TCDD serve with a public view, not like a company.”

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