Historical Kağıthane Train Enters Service

historical kagithane train is put into service
historical kagithane train is put into service

The Kağıthane Train, which was established to transport coal to Istanbul during the First World War and took part in the smuggling of weapons to Anatolia during the War of Independence, is put into service after 100 years as part of the 'Revival of Historical Artifacts' project.

Kağıthane Train will start to serve on Saturday, September 25th at 14.00. The Kağıthane Train, which will serve as integrated with the Mecidiyeköy- Kağıthane- Mahmutbey and Gayrettepe- Kağıthane- Airport metro lines, will operate on a 3 km route with 4 stops.

On the line starting from Silahtarağa Bilgi University and ending in Kağıthane Merkez; The nostalgic looking train, consisting of 2 wagons and 2 locomotives, was produced by Turkish engineers with completely domestic and national facilities. The Kağıthane Train, which will be powered by solar energy and will operate entirely on electricity, will depart every half hour between 10.00:15.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

Kagithane Mayor Mevlüt Öztekin said, “We will present this historical heritage to the younger generations by bringing it to light again after 100 years. It will contribute to the knowledge of the culture and history of our district. We invite all our citizens to our opening.” he said. The opening program will be held at the Kağıthane Municipality campus.

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