TAKE-OFF International Startup Summit Award Ceremony

take off international initiative summit award ceremony
take off international initiative summit award ceremony

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that they support entrepreneurship in every field from legislation to training human resources and said, "We also want to accelerate entrepreneurship in Turkey by creating our own investment funds." said.

The Take Off International Entrepreneurship Summit Award Ceremony, organized as part of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, was held at Atatürk Airport International Terminal with the participation of Minister Varank. Minister Varank presented the first and second prizes to their owners. “Colobra” from Czechia won the first prize of 20 thousand dollars, and “Classnotes” from Pakistan was awarded the second prize of 10 thousand dollars. Google Turkey Country Manager Mehmet Keteloğlu presented the third prize of 5 thousand dollars to the "Servissoft" initiative from Turkey.


Speaking at the award ceremony, Minister Varank reminded that one of the most important topics in the 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy is to support entrepreneurship in Turkey. Referring to the entrepreneurship support in this context, Varank said, “We support entrepreneurship in every field from legislation to human resource training, but at the same time, we want to accelerate entrepreneurship in Turkey by creating our own investment funds. Those who previously said that 'unicorn' will come out in Turkey are now getting excited about the 'unicorns' we have announced one after the other.” used the phrases.


Emphasizing that they want to make Istanbul one of the capitals of entrepreneurship, Varank stated that in this context, the city will host domestic and foreign initiatives. Stating that Take Off is a good organization in the international arena, Varank said, “Here, start-ups come and defend their ideas. They earn a monetary reward from us, but the network they have here and the relationships they have built here are more valuable than any of them.” said.

Minister Varank congratulated the awardees at the summit. Afterwards, a souvenir photo was taken with the summit stakeholders, jury members and award winners.


The Take Off International Startup Summit, which was held for the third time this year as part of TEKNOFEST, brought together local and foreign start-ups with mentors and institutions from the ecosystem in the festival area.

Organized by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidential Investment Office, the summit brought together technology leaders from Turkey and the world, expert mentors, multinational companies and all stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at TEKNOFEST.

At the initiative summit, where applications were made from abroad and domestically, initiatives in 9 different categories, including education technologies, health technologies, games, data, autonomous technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, financial technologies and mobility, were evaluated by the jury and the winners were determined.

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