If Sport Is Not Done Correctly, It Causes Heart Rhythm Disorder

If sports are not done correctly, it can also cause death.
If sports are not done correctly, it can also cause death.

Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist Dr. Dr. Muharrem Arslandag gave information on the subject. Sports, which is the basis of a healthy life, can cause death if not done correctly. Especially for people who do not have enough training, pushing their anatomical and physiological limits can lead to serious disability and even death.

Recently, deaths that occur without trauma and violence have started to be seen both in professional sports fields and in amateur sports practices. The death event that develops during sports activity and manifests itself within 6 hours according to the World Health Organization is expressed as sudden death. 90% of these deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases and 10% to other non-cardiac causes (excessive electrolyte loss due to trauma, stimulant drug and substance use, sweating, heat stroke, blood diseases). Among the cardiovascular diseases, the most important ones are heart muscle diseases, serious valve diseases, serious rhythm disorders, aortic and pulmonary vascular diseases, pulmonary artery occlusions, cerebrovascular abnormalities and occlusions, cardiovascular occlusions and congenital cardiovascular diseases, myocardial muscle bridges. Generally, causes rather than cardiovascular diseases cause sudden death in trained athletes under the age of 30-35, arteriosclerosis is primarily the cause in older people.

This bad condition, which has an incidence of 100.000 in 2, is more common in men, and the risk increases many times in those who have not had adequate training before. As atherosclerosis increases with age, the risk of sudden death increases with age.

Professional athletes have a lower risk of heart disease due to their periodic examinations, so amateurs should also have themselves checked regularly. In this control, EKG and ECO taken by a cardiologist are performed with detailed physical examination and analyzes. Increasing the intensity of regular sports suddenly is one of the biggest mistakes made, it is necessary to determine that it has enough training to do this. Those who are new to sports or take a break for a very long time should also be examined and gradually increase the intensity of exercise. Unfortunately, there is no such miracle as having a perfect physique or great weight in a very short time. First of all, the most suitable exercise for the person should be determined and the level should be adjusted according to the person's training status. The person's body should be prepared for exercise and it should be ensured that he gets the maximum benefit with the right training.

In summary, those who want to do regular or irregular sports, although they are not professional athletes, are also in danger. In order to prevent this serious ailment, which is more common than shown in media channels, it would be appropriate for anyone who plans to do regular or irregular sports to undergo a heart examination first. Even a short workout, such as a astroturf game once a week or a basketball game in the backyard, can cause serious rhythm disturbances and sudden cardiac death.

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