Certificate of Appreciation to EGO Driver Who Was Armed Attack

certificate of thanks to ego defender who was attacked by gun
certificate of thanks to ego defender who was attacked by gun

Şahin Körpe, who worked as a driver in the 5th Regional Bus Operations Branch of the EGO General Directorate, was attacked with an armed attack while trying to park his vehicle in a safe area after taking the citizen who was ill during the journey to the hospital.

In the incident that took place on Wednesday, September 6, 2021, around 17.00, in Sincan district, Ottoman District, Ahi Mesud Boulevard; While trying to pull the bus to a safe area after leaving the sick citizen at the hospital emergency entrance gate, two shots were fired at the EGO bus used by Şahin Körpe due to the crossing argument. Fortunately, the young man escaped unhurt.

After this unfortunate event, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş hosted Şahin Körpe in his office and conveyed his best wishes upon the instructions of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş. Drawing attention to the gravity of the incident in his speech at the reception, Alkaş stated that he was very sorry for the situation that Şahin Körpe was exposed to, and that unfortunately, the drivers sometimes encounter such judicial incidents during their duties. Nihat Alkaş, who said that they are proud of Şahin Körpe as all his colleagues, for the humane behavior and sensitivity he displayed by bringing his sick passenger to the hospital, then presented a "Certificate of Appreciation".

Şahin Körpe also emphasized that it is very important for people to feel safe in their working life and said that they try to fulfill the given task properly, that their superiors are always open to communication, and that they are always there for them, especially in times of crisis. Körpe also thanked General Manager Nihat Alkaş for providing such a working environment.

EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak and Bus Operations Department Head Yahya Şanlıer were also present at the reception.

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