Transportation Investments in Bursa Does Not Cut Speed

Transportation Investments in Bursa does not interrupt
Transportation Investments in Bursa does not interrupt

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to improve the rural neighborhood roads in the 17 districts of Bursa, and first performed 44 thousand 100 meters of surface coating work last week, carried out a total of 5 thousand 34 meters of surface coating in 400 districts last week.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams continue their improvement works on the 8 thousand kilometers of highway network in their area of ​​responsibility. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which continued their asphalt coating, asphalt maintenance and repair works, V channel and excavation and filling works in 17 districts, had done a total of 44 meters of surface coating work in the rural neighborhoods of Nilüfer, Gürsu, Mustafakemalpaşa, Karacabey, İznik and İnegöl the previous week. . The teams, working hard to complete the road works before the winter comes, last week, Mustafakemalpaşa Yenice - Güvem - Soğucak line, Büyükorhan Karaçukur road junction Ericek - Mazlumlar continuation Dursunbey border and Karaçukur district, İnegöl Edebey district, Orhaneli Eskidanışment district and Keles Bıyıkalan - Harmanlan - Dağdemirciler made a surface coating of 100 thousand 34 meters on the connection roads.



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