Sakarya Metropolitan HAVASAK Expands Its Vehicle Fleet

Sakarya Buyuksehir Havasak expands its vehicle fleet
Sakarya Buyuksehir Havasak expands its vehicle fleet

The Metropolitan Municipality has increased the number of flights with the vehicles it has added to HAVASAK, which is in high demand for easy access to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. President Ekrem Yüce said, “Today, our vehicle fleet is growing more and more every day due to the quality service we provide. I hope it will continue to grow in line with the demands of our citizens," he said. With the reinforcement, the monthly passenger carrying capacity was increased from 3 thousand to 12 thousand.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality had implemented HAVASAK, which is an important need for city transportation, a year ago. HAVASAK vehicles, which transport citizens traveling from the city to the city or abroad, to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, received high demand in a short time. Thereupon, the Metropolitan increased the number of flights by adding to the number of shuttles and buses. The number of buses increased to 2 with 7 additional vehicles, and the number of shuttle services increased to 1 with 2 additional vehicle. Expressing that the comfortable and safe transportation network will expand with new vehicles, President Yüce wished all passengers and drivers a safe journey.

From 3 thousand passengers to 12 thousand passengers

President Yüce, who brought passengers together with safe transportation thanks to the Metropolitan, said, “Previously, it was easier to come to Sabiha Gökçen Airport than to come to Sakarya from there. Passengers who got off the plane and wanted to go to Sakarya would think about how they would go. Thanks to our HAVASAK vehicles, which we offered to the service of our citizens within BELPAŞ last year, we have safely solved this problem. HAVASAK, which carries 9 thousand passengers a month, 9 times to and 3 times to return, has reached the capacity to carry 12 thousand passengers per month with its vehicle fleet and personnel reinforcement. The number of flights from the Metropolitan Bus Terminal in Arifiye has been increased to 16 daily, with 16 departures and 32 departures. In addition, a vehicle has been added to the shuttle vehicles that carry passengers from the central points of the city to the terminal. In this way, shuttle and flight service to the airport has been made easier.”

Our secure transportation network is growing day by day

Chairman Yüce said, “We have been receiving positive feedback since the first day we started our service with our friendly and professional staff. The safety of our passengers is entrusted to us. We protect the lives entrusted to us more than our own. That's why we never delay the maintenance and service times of our vehicles. At the same time, we make no concessions to comply with traffic rules so that our passengers can travel in a pleasant and safe way with our new model vehicles. Due to the quality service we provide, our vehicle fleet is growing day by day. Hopefully, it will continue to grow in line with the demands of our citizens. May my Lord bless the ways we set out to serve our citizens. May our services continue to increase," he said.

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