ROKETSAN Systems Will Add Strength to the Naval Forces

rocketsan systems will add power to the navy
rocketsan systems will add power to the navy

With the naval systems it has developed, Roketsan increases the maneuvering capabilities and strike superiority of the armed forces in the field. ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile is counting the days to enter the inventory after it has passed the firing tests one by one. ATMACA, which will strengthen modern navy platforms with its long range, low track and high target accuracy, is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces in the second half of 2021.

ATMACA, which can be used in all weather conditions, is resistant to countermeasures; It includes target update, re-attack and mission cancellation capabilities. Effective against fixed and moving targets, ATMACA has advanced mission planning (3D routing) capability. ATMACA is on its way to its target by using the Global Positioning System, Inertial Measurement Unit, Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter subsystems; It uses its active radar seeker to find its target with high accuracy.

With a range of over 220 kilometers, ATMACA also poses a major threat to targets beyond line of sight. ATMACA's; behind its target update, re-attack and mission cancellation capabilities is its advanced and modern data link. In the system that can offer the most efficient task profile; time on target, time on multiple targets from different platforms, time on multiple targets from the same platform, operational modes of firing the target are also available.

In the coming period, Roketsan aims to improve its capabilities with versions of ATMACA equipped with equipment such as Infrared Imaging Seeker and Dual Seeker Heads. On the other hand, platform diversity will be increased with versions that can be launched from submarines and vertical launch systems.

AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo was at IDEF 2021 for the first time

The works carried out by Roketsan for AKYA continue successfully in line with the planned schedule. AKYA, which is aimed to be introduced to the Turkish Naval Forces in 2021, is presented to national and international visitors for the first time at IDEF 2021.

With the AKYA Project, Roketsan's critical capabilities, acquired through long years of precision work in developing precision-guided, high-speed intelligent rocket and missile systems, go under the sea. With AKYA, which is launched from submarines against various surface targets and submarines and developed entirely with national capabilities, an important need of the Turkish Naval Forces for underwater platforms will be met with national resources.

Experiences in AKYA are transferred to ORKA

ORKA, on the other hand, will provide the Turkish Navy with the ability to shoot down submarines from surface and air platforms. With the entry of ORKA, which will be exhibited for the first time in IDEF 2021, into the inventory, Turkey's Blue Homeland struggle will have another power that provides superiority on the field.

Roketsan transfers its experiences from the national heavy class torpedo AKYA to ORKA, the new generation light class torpedo. ORKA will be used against submarines, which can be launched from surface platforms and aircraft, which are currently in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces and may be included in the inventory in the future. ORKA, which will have precision guidance, navigation, advanced search and attack capabilities, will provide high efficiency on the target with its resistance to deception and confusion.

While AKYA's qualification studies are continuing, Low-Scale Initial Production activities are continuing to meet the priority needs of the Turkish Naval Forces.

Source: defenceturk

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