ROKETSAN Delivered 700 TEBER Guidance Kits to the Air Force

rocketsan delivered halberd gudum kit to air force
rocketsan delivered halberd gudum kit to air force

Developed by Roketsan to turn MK-81 and MK-82 General Purpose Bombs into an intelligent weapon system, the TEBER Guidance Kit received full marks from its users with its performance and effectiveness that has been proven in the field many times over.

TEBER Guidance Kit, which can be integrated into MK-81 as TEBER-81 and MK-82 as TEBER-82 General Purpose Grenades; It can be used with Inertial Measurement Unit (AÖB), Global Positioning System (GPS) and semi-active Laser Seeker (LAB). TEBER Guidance Kit can reach a range of 2-21 nautical miles (Nm) depending on its release speed and altitude.

With the use of LAB, the TEBER Guidance Kit can destroy threat targets with its precision strike capability against moving targets up to 50 km/h. Moreover, a proximity sensor can be added to the LAB section of TEBER. The TEBER Guidance Kit, which has 4 different guidance modes, offers ease of use against opportunity targets.

In February 2019, Roketsan started deliveries of TEBER Guidance Kits in line with the urgent needs of the Turkish Air Force Command. Within the scope of the signed contracts, 700 TEBER Guidance Kits have been taken into the inventory so far.

TEBER, the first guidance kit exported abroad, has a high export potential. In this context, Roketsan continues to negotiate with its customers for the TEBER Guidance Kit to become one of the leading products in the world market among precision guided munitions. Work continues on the development of a more cost-effective version of the TEBER Guidance Kit, a product that will create value for all countries that have MK-81 and MK-82 General Purpose Bombs in their inventory.

Technical Specifications of TEBER Guidance Kit

Ammunition Compatibility: MK-81 and MK-82 General Purpose Grenades
Laser Codes Standard: STANAG 3733 BANT-1 and BANT-2
Transport Altitude: 0 – 40.000 feet
Transport G Limit: Maximum +7,5 and minimum -2 G
Transport Speed: 600 knots airspeed or suitable up to 1,2 M
Drop Altitude: 6.500 feet – 40.000 feet
CEP – 50: AÖB+KKS+LAB < 3m
Range: 2-28 km
Total Weight: ~ 155 kg [TEBER-81]~ 270 kg [TEBER-82]
Total Length: 2,1 m [TEBER-81] 2,6 m [TEBER-82]
Guidance Modes: AÖB*/KKS**/LAB***
Proximity Sensor: 2-15 m

Source: defenceturk

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