Two Awards for Renault's Concept Cars

two awards to renault's concept cars
two awards to renault's concept cars

Renault won two awards with its concept car models MORPHOZ and Renault 5 Prototype. Renault 5 Prototype was named “Concept Car of the Year” in the competition organized by Car Design Review magazine. Renault MORPHOZ, on the other hand, won the “Créativ'Experience” award for creativity at the International Automobile Festival Grands Prix awards.

Concept Car of the Year: Renault 5 Prototype

Renault 5 Prototype was named “Concept Car of the Year” by the prestigious Car Design News magazine, as a result of the race with concept cars presented by automakers between March 2020 and March 2021.

Emphasizing that the R5 Prototype model is of particular importance for the Renault Design team to receive this important award, Gilles Vidal, Vice President of Renault Design, said: “It is a great honor to be deemed worthy of this award by a jury composed of automobile experts and design managers of the largest automobile manufacturers. Considering that 90% will be faithful to the exterior design in mass production, we are very happy with the appreciation and interest in the Renault 5 Prototype model.

Renault 5 Prototype, designed by Renault to demonstrate its desire to spread electric cars in Europe, stands out with its popular and basic features of the legendary model. Renault 5 Prototype brings one of Renault's timeless leading cars into the future with a modern touch of 100% electric. The serial production model, which will be produced based on the Renault 5 Prototype model, is planned to be put on sale in 2024.

Renault MORPHOZ won the “Creativ'Experience” award for its creativity.

At the International Automobile Festival Grands Prix awards, an expert jury team consisting of motor sports, architecture, fashion, design, culture and media members evaluated and awarded the best and impressive automobile projects of the year. As part of the 36th award this year, Renault MORPHOZ received the Creativ'Experience award, where the most innovative concept is awarded. Renault Design Director Laurens van den Acker received the award at the night held on Wednesday, September 29. Laurens van den Acker, Renault Design Director, said: “At Renault, we are proud to be rewarded for our creativity. I am receiving this award on behalf of the teams working for this project that reflects the future of the automobile world.”

Renault MORPHOZ stands out as a futuristic vehicle that represents Renault's vision for personal and shareable mobility beyond 2025. Benefiting from the alliance's CMF-EV electric modular platform, the model offers a wealth of power and autonomous capabilities, as well as interior and trunk configurations.

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