Perkotek Personnel Tracking System

perkotek personnel tracking system
perkotek personnel tracking system

What is the personnel tracking system and why is it used?

Personnel tracking system is the process of following up the personnel working in the enterprise at the entrance and exit in the evening and calculating their progress payments according to this entry and exit tracking process. In this period when every transaction is rapidly transitioning to technology with the global world, personnel tracking systems have been benefiting from technology for many years.

In the absence of this technology, the personnel tracking process was carried out manually by counting and signature method. In the following years, this system, which gradually progressed towards today's technology with worker payroll cards and card printing hours, emerges as card tracking, fingerprint tracking and face recognition tracking systems, respectively. Every business, institution and organization that uses the personnel tracking system can perform personnel payroll calculations with this system. The personnel tracking system software can calculate the net salary of the personnel according to the hours worked by the personnel over the net salary.

Payrolls of the personnel can be taken on a monthly and daily basis and a salary account can be issued. At the same time, the total hours of the personnel, such as working hours, days off, week holidays, can be transferred to many payroll programs such as Logo, Mikro and Netsis, which calculate the official payroll. With the help of this integration, the payroll of the personnel can be issued quickly at the end of the month. In the personnel tracking system, the authorized user checks the input and output data of the personnel every day. If there are leaved personnel, they will process the leave information into the system and if all the data are defined correctly, there will be no problem in the month-end salary account and the transfer to other programs. Staff tracking The main purpose of use is the effort to allocate the work discipline and progress of the personnel based on trust. This effort is a technological system to protect the rights of the employee and the employer.

Can data be obtained from the personnel tracking system?

You can analyze the input and output data of the devices used in the personnel tracking system on the basis of groups and individuals by making various reports through the personnel tracking program. These reports; It is a program where you can make more detailed reports such as individual entry and exit report, general entry and exit report, individual late arrivals, general late arrivals, overtime and absenteeism reports. With the data in this system, you can enable the personnel to work more efficiently. In order for these reports to be received correctly, the personnel must have the system scanned in the morning and evening. This is mandatory for accurate reporting.

What are the features of the personnel tracking system?

The most useful feature of the personnel tracking system is that it can make personnel tracking and various payroll calculations with the program, regardless of the number of employees. In addition to personnel tracking of vein recognition, face recognition and fingerprint recognition systems, another feature is optional card reader and encryption features. With its internal battery, it continues to work uninterruptedly in case of power cuts, and it also allows you to automatically receive detailed reports at the end of the day. pdkssystem helps to keep entry and exit data as well as other data that needs to be archived, such as personnel personal information. In this respect, it allows the non-permanent data to be re-examined later.

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Can the Personnel Attendance Tracking System be sent automatically?

pdks de By defining the e-mail address we want to our program, we can send the outputs we receive as automatic mail, reports, on the desired dates and times.

Are personnel payrolls made in the Personnel Attendance Tracking System?

In the Pdks payroll calculation areas, we calculate and create the payrolls of the personnel in line with the work plans without any personnel limitations.

On a general basis, with the salary statement, the total calculation of the single personnel can be calculated, whether all personnel are requested.

With a salary statement on a per-person basis, detailed monthly payrolls of a single personnel can be obtained, whether all personnel are requested.

With the salary slip, whether the entire staff is requested or the individual staff, the work information can be verified against the signature of the staff.

Pdks reports are easily output. Any report can be printed with the preview tool with a “right click” on it.

Card payment system Transfers of pdks reports are easily received. Any report can be saved to the desired location in excel or word with a "right click".

Pdks automatically backs up to its own location. Daily or monthly backup can be set in the user's information. Problems that may occur in our system during the backup process can be restored through the most recent backup. Pdks will continue to work without any data loss.

It is strongly recommended to use the licensed version of the Personnel Attendance Tracking System. The user is responsible for problems that may occur in unlicensed use.

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