covid increased anxiety disorder

Covid-19 Increases Anxiety Disorder

Psychiatrist Specialist. Dr. Tuba Erdogan gave information about the subject. What do you think about the psychological effects of the pandemic, which has become evident with the gradual normalization in the last period? What about anxiety disorder? [more…]

e city firm raises ankarakart sales price
06 Ankara

E-Kent Company Increases ANKARAKART Sales Price

E-Kent company, which carries out the electronic fare collection of EGO General Directorate public transportation vehicles, announced that it has increased the sales price of ANKARAKART from 8.5 TL to 11.00 TL. The company, with the EGO General Directorate, on March 20, 2013 [more…]

Strict supervision from Izmir police to student services
35 Izmir

Strict Supervision from Izmir Police to Student Services

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality intensified its service inspections with the start of the new academic year. While fines are applied to the services that do not comply with the determined criteria during the inspections, a shuttle vehicle carrying students without a working license is also excluded from traffic. [more…]

watch out for sleep apnea in children

Attention to Sleep Apnea in Children!

It is important to treat obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in children. Because the untreated problem negatively affects both the quality of life and school success of children. Ear Nose Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Bahadır [more…]

Cash support from ibbden to istanbulkart holders
34 Istanbul

Cash Support from IMM to Istanbulkart Holders

IMM, in cooperation with DenizBank, provides 100 TL or 600 TL interest-free support with 1200 TL repayments to Istanbulkart holders these days when school expenses begin. President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “No one feels helpless in the face of economic difficulties. [more…]