Otokar and Milrem Robotics Collaborate for the Development of Unmanned and Robotic Systems

otokar and milrem robotics cooperate for the development of unmanned and robotic systems
otokar and milrem robotics cooperate for the development of unmanned and robotic systems

Otokar signed a cooperation agreement with Milrem Robotics for the development of unmanned and remote-controlled land systems.

Turkey's land systems manufacturer Otokar and Europe's leading robotics and autonomous system developer Milrem Robotics; signed a cooperation agreement at the DSEI 2021 fair in London, where they will combine their knowledge and resources for autonomous development and applications for unmanned and robotic operations of military vehicles.

Milrem Robotics, which is one of the first companies that comes to mind especially when it comes to unmanned ground vehicle (UGA), is also heavily supported by the European Union. Apart from defence, the company also works in different fields such as agriculture, forestry, municipal services, search and rescue and mining. Otokar, on the other hand, is a strong company operating in the international arena, capable of producing tracked and wheeled armored vehicles in a wide range from 5-6 tons to over 40 tons.

Thanks to this cooperation, which will cover the existing product families of both companies, smart functions, encryption and security features, as well as environmental awareness and hybrid applications will be revealed.

Milrem Robotics CEO Kuldar Väärsi regarding the cooperation; “We foresee that in the future, the battlefield will consist of manned and unmanned vehicles that are seamlessly connected to a well-functioning integrated system,” he added, adding: “With Milrem Robotics, a leading technology provider and system manufacturer in the field of autonomous and robotic systems, as well as manned land systems, it is a powerful and innovative company. Combining the knowledge and experience of land systems manufacturer Otokar will enable us to offer new capabilities to our users in the field of land systems.”

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said about the agreement; “Turkey's leading land systems company, Otokar, continues to offer innovative solutions in land systems, taking into account the current and future needs of modern armies and security forces. We take into account the different needs and expectations of our users and offer customer-oriented solutions. In this context, we are pleased to announce our cooperation with Milrem Robotics. As a result of the combination of Otokar's field-proven knowledge and superior R&D, engineering and testing capabilities in armored vehicles with Milrem Robotics' expertise and experience in autonomous, artificial intelligence and remote control, I believe that we will achieve significant developments in the field of unmanned and remote-controlled land systems. This cooperation will enable us to go one step further in establishing Otokar's unmanned land vehicles segment in addition to our existing product family.”

Source: defenceturk

Günceleme: 30/09/2021 12:52

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