Opel Vice President of Design Mark Adams Selected Eurostar 2021

opel vice president of design mark adams elected eurostar
opel vice president of design mark adams elected eurostar

Automotive News Europe has selected prominent automotive executives in 2021. Mark Adams, Vice President of Design of German auto giant Opel, was awarded Eurostar 2021 by Automotive News Europe for the future-oriented design success of the new Opel Mokka.

Automotive News Europe has selected automotive executives to be Eurostar of 2021. Opel Design Vice President Mark Adams was one of the 24 managers to be awarded at the 17th Eurostar Awards this year. Automotive News Europe for Adams, who won the award for the innovative and futuristic design of the new Opel Mokka: “Mark Adams and his team started a radical design era at Opel with the compact SUV Mokka. When introducing the new Mokka, the company described it as a real building block that will change the perception of the brand.” Commenting on the Eurostar selections made this year, Automotive News Europe Associate Publisher and Editor Luca Ciferri said: “The 17 people we honored this year have overcome unprecedented professional and personal challenges during and after the pandemic. The resilience and talent they show in such difficult times is admirable. "Managers like this are helping to profitably lead the auto industry into a new era."

Breathtaking design: Mokka equipped with all-digital Pure Panel and Opel Visor

The new Opel Mokka stands out with its perfect body proportions and the fact that it is a very impressive car with its details carefully handled down to the smallest detail. The 4,15-metre-long five-seat car attracts attention with its bold and pure design approach. The perfect Opel Visor stands out as the most striking feature of the front view. The visor covers the front of the new Opel like a helmet; it seamlessly integrates the vehicle grille, LED headlights and the new Opel Şimşek logo in one element. The model name, the word "Mokka", appears in the middle of the tailgate for the first time in special characters.

Mark Adams Steffen Elsaesser

Opel reflects the clear philosophy of exterior design in its interior as well. Focusing on the essentials, the new Opel Pure Panel cockpit combines two large screens. In addition to its highly original design, Pure Panel attracts attention by offering a user-friendly interface with its easy-to-understand structure from the first meeting with the user in the cockpit.

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