Nature Calls You for Sports in Bursa

nature is calling you for sports in bursa
nature is calling you for sports in bursa

The Nature Sports and Nature Tourism Days, organized for the fifth time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to promote the natural wealth of the city and the nature sports that can be done in the national and international arena, will be held in Hüdavendigar City Park on 11-12 September 2021.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which determines the developing face of Bursa as tourism and makes the best use of the city's historical and natural resources in line with this goal, will bring together sports and nature lovers this year in the Nature Sports and Nature Tourism Days event. In Nature Sports and Nature Tourism Days, one of the biggest events in Turkey; Many branches such as mountaineering, cycling, canoeing, rafting, sport climbing, caving, motor sports, sailing, off road, diving, scouting, skiing and snowboarding, camping-caravan, air sports, bocce, canyon, athletics, labyrinth orienteering will be introduced. and participants will be offered on-site trial opportunities. In addition, fun activities such as the survivor track and mini golf for children will take place in the event area for 2 days.

Within the scope of the events that will start at 11:13.00 on Saturday, September 50 at Hüdavendigar City Park, approximately XNUMX different public institutions, sports clubs and sports communities will carry out promotional activities.

The main concept of the event, which will be held this year, will be the “Scane Tree”, one of the symbols of Bursa, the capital of green.

In the event, where search and rescue drills will also be held, the people of Bursa will spend a pleasant weekend with the stories of the traveler and the road without a route, the Ali Likoğlu concert with Vira Cemal and his orchestra.

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